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Recent farewells

Name Location Farewell
Hoffman, Audrey Ellen Ramsey
Wilkerson, Mary Cathryn Ramsey
Free, Bill Leroy Ramsey
Ronquillo, Savannah Rose Ramsey
Richter, Cristina Lynn Ramsey
Farmer, Janet Evelyn Ramsey
Lombardi, Shirley Ann Ramsey
MIze, Joseph Frank Ramsey
Becerril, Ramon Ray Ramsey
Cannoy, Patricia Castleberry Ramsey
Nieto, Edward Joseph Ramsey
Alexander, Phyllis June Ramsey
Sisk, Andrew Alvie Ramsey
Luman, Johnathon James Ramsey
Witcher, Shirley Ginger Ramsey

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Name Location Farewell


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Abbott, Raymond Lee Gridley
Abell, Joe Rufas Ramsey
Abell, Lawrence Edward Oroville
Abell, Veronica Larue Oroville
Able, Donald William Ramsey
Able, Shirley Ramsey
Abolt, Viola Oroville
Abrao, Debbie May Oroville
Acheson, James W Gridley
Ackerman, Barbara Ramsey
Ackerman, Charles Oroville
Ackerman, Rochelle A Oroville
Acuff, William Oroville
Adams, Christine E Gridley
Adams, Edward H Gridley
Adams, Edward Gridley
Adams, Jeffery Sr Ramsey
Adams, John W Gridley
Adams, Larry K Gridley
Adams, Madeleine Leonard Oroville
Addington, Anna Grissom Ramsey
Addis, Helen Oroville
Addison, James R Gridley
Adkins, Debra Ann Ramsey
Agtarap, Vicanta Gridley
Aird, Robin Denise Ramsey
AkinsJr, Charles Oroville
Alcantar, Jesus Gridley
Aldrich, Robert Ramsey
Aleck, Monique Ramsey
Alexander, Claudette Elizabeth Ramsey
Alexander, Delmer Jr Ramsey
Alexander, Larry Nathaniel Ramsey
Alexander, Marline Oroville
Alexander, Phyllis June Ramsey
Alexander, Robert A Ramsey
Alexander, Travis Dean Ramsey
Allen, Charles Gary Ramsey
Allen, Judy Ramsey
Allen, Katherine Jewell Ramsey
Allen, Pauline Alta Ramsey
Allen, Vincent Adonis Ramsey
Almburg, Kara May Ramsey
Almocera, Ramon Jr Ramsey
Altice, Heather Annette Oroville
Alvarez, Ruben Sanchez Gridley
Alvarez-Castaņeda, Aguera Gridley
Anders, Deborah Oroville
Anderson, Carolyn Marie Oroville
Anderson, Forrest Ronald Ramsey
Anderson, Juanita E Oroville
Anderson, Leroy Ray Ramsey
Anderson, Mary Lynn Gridley
Anderson, Richard Oroville
Andes, Lloyd Gridley
Andoe, Hansford Dwight Ramsey
Andrade, Alma Agnes Ramsey
Anguiano, Elena Gridley
Anselm, Maureen Ramsey
Antes, Carmelita Adams Gridley
Antunez, Fransica Gridley
Appuglies, Sherian Faye Oroville
Aragon, Kelli Dawn Ramsey
Aragon, Phillip Oroville
Archer, Emerson Oroville
Archer, Roger Oroville
Aregood, Millard Bill Ramsey
Argetsinger, Kathryn M Gridley
Arias, Jacinto C Gridley
Armenta, Joaquina C Gridley
Armistead, Kathleen Anne Oroville
Asbury, Cameron Coffer Ramsey
Ashby, Charles Harvey Oroville
Ashby, Elwin Franklin Oroville
Ashcraft, Donald J Ramsey
Aston, Tawnya Lee Gridley
Atnip, William Boyd Ramsey
Atteberry, Steven Ramsey
Atthowe, John Jr Oroville
Augustine, Jennifer Lea Ramsey
Auld, Yannie Collins Ramsey
Austin, Elves L Gridley
Austin, Robert Leroy Ramsey
Autrey, Wilma Gridley
Avey, Robert Marion Oroville
Ayala, Consuelo Diaz Ramsey


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Babb, Robert Warren Oroville
Baca, Eleanor Oroville
Back, Robert O Gridley
Baggett, Jessie Gridley
Bagley, Clifford Gridley
Bailey, Granville Bob Gridley
Bailey, Henry D Ramsey
Baird, Barbara Jane Ramsey
Baker, David Michael Ramsey
Baker, Diane Carver Ramsey
Baker, Earl Sr Ramsey
Baker, Janet Ramsey
Baker, Jeanne Ramsey
Baker, Susan Michelle Ramsey
Balaz, Harold John Ramsey
Baldridge, Ruth Oroville
Baldwin, Bly Marie Ramsey
Baldwin, Donald Ramsey
Ball, Jeanne Oroville
Ball, John Jr Ramsey
Ball, Letha Jimenez Ramsey
Ballard, Betty Gridley
Ballard, Deborah Lee Ramsey
Ballard, Steven Melvin Ramsey
Balmer, Burnard Barney Ramsey
Bang, Florence Darlene Oroville
Banks, Ransom P Gridley
Banyas, George Ramsey
Bapp, Verna Viola Ramsey
Barber, Edith Beauleh Ramsey
Barber, Elbert Mack Ramsey
Barber, Herma Ramsey
Barcenas, Alicia Castaneda Gridley
Barden, Michael John Oroville
Bardot, Barbara Oroville
Barker, Dana Jean Ramsey
Barlow, Ernest Ramsey
Barnes, Dwight L Gridley
Barnes, John Earl Ramsey
Barnwell, Albert Jack Ramsey
Barnwell, Shirley Anna Ramsey
Barratt, Daquisha M Oroville
Barrick, Thomas Oroville
Barrows, Robert Vernon Ramsey
Bartel, James Richard Oroville
Bartell, Larry Winford Oroville
Barthell, Mary J Oroville
Bartley, Shirley A Gridley
Bashford, Mary Ellen Ramsey
Bass, John David Oroville
Bass, John David Oroville
Bateman, Kent LeRex Ramsey
Bates, Randall Oroville
Batten, Melissa Rae Ramsey
Battin, Dena Marie Ramsey
Battin, Peggy J Gridley
Becerril, Ramon Ray Ramsey
Beck, Clara Lavelle Ramsey
Beck, John Thomas Oroville
Beck, Margaret Oroville
Beck, William Howard Ramsey
Beck, William Eugene Ramsey
Becker, Marcus Wayne Ramsey
Beebe, Georgette Oroville
Beehler, Sandra Aileen Ramsey
Begley, Bonnie April Gridley
Behlen, Shirley Oroville
Behr, Cristine Oroville
Beibers, Mark Oroville
Bell, Shadell Presila Oroville
Beloate, Forrest Ivan Ramsey
Beloff, Melada Oroville
Benedetti, Gordon Brian Oroville
Benedict, Betty A Gridley
Benkle, Patricia Marie Ramsey
Bennett, Ollie Sr Ramsey
Bennett, Susan Anne Ramsey
Bennett, Willard Talmadge Ramsey
Bennett, William Talmadge Ramsey
Bennett, William Talmadge Ramsey
Berchtold, Kenneth Charles Oroville
Berg, John Alfred Ramsey
Berg, William Norman Ramsey
Bergh, Zelma Louella Oroville
Bergman, Ronald L Gridley
Bernard, Harold R Gridley
Berry, Leonard Sr Gridley
Berry, Lionel H Oroville
Berry, Michael Patrick Ramsey
Berry, Thelma Lorene Ramsey
Best, Dorothy Oroville
Bestwick, Mary S Oroville
Bettinger, Harriet Josephine Ramsey
Beverly-Byrd, Janet Oroville
Bible, Richard Wayne Ramsey
Bigelow, Linda Gridley
Biggs, Jerry Jr Ramsey
Biggs, Stuart Gridley
Biggs, Welvie Gridley
Billingsley, Kenneth Gerald Ramsey
Bills, Robert Glenn Ramsey
Birley, Sheila R Oroville
Bishop, Daniel Oroville
Bishop, Joseph Oroville
Bjorklund, James Ryan Ramsey
Blackstone, Charles J Ramsey
Blair, Richard Edward Ramsey
Blankenship, Robert Harold Ramsey
Blankenship, William Neal Ramsey
Blenio, Sandra Mary Ramsey
Blinston, Faustina Romana Ramsey
Blodgett, Lynn Aiston Ramsey
Bloem, Maartje Overbeek Oroville
Blondin, David Perley Oroville
Blum, Edward A Oroville
Blum, Pauline Oroville
Board, Andrew Hollis Ramsey
Bock, Christopher Gridley
Boehm, Colleen Margaret Ramsey
Boehme, Charles Oroville
Boelman, Jennie Gridley
Bogart, Alan Gridley
Bokmann, Harry Edward Oroville
Bolley, Calvin C Gridley
Bolley, Carolyn Gridley
Bolley, Lee O Gridley
Bolt, Laila Ann Ramsey
Bolton, Barry Mac Oroville
Bonds, Dale Lee Ramsey
Bone, Doreen J Ramsey
Bone, Thomas Wolford Ramsey
Boren, Gwen Roy Oroville
Bounds, Wilma Lorraine Ramsey
Bourdier, Pierre Oroville
Bowen, Jerry Wesley Ramsey
Bowles, James Dennis Oroville
Bowles, Jay Dee Ramsey
Bowser, Robynlynne Clements Oroville
Boynton, Steven John Ramsey
Bozzo, Fedele C Gridley
Braaten, Betty Jean Ramsey
Braaten, Terry L Ramsey
Bracken, Sandra Lynne Ramsey
Brackenbury, Brian Oroville
Bradberry, Laura Curry Ramsey
Bradbury, Mildred Oroville
Bradford, Dorothy Kathryn Ramsey
Bradford, Gene William Ramsey
Brasier, Ruth M Oroville
Brazil, Doris Lee Oroville
Brazil, Marcia Lynn Oroville
Brazil, Maurice Ramsey
Breitenfield, Roy Franklin Ramsey
Brenneman, Rhoda Byler Ramsey
Brereton, Joan Elizabeth Oroville
Breschi, Reno Lucky Ramsey
Brewer, Ethel Ireland Gridley
Brey, Jeffery Eldene Ramsey
Brindley, Richard Leroy Ramsey
Brindley, Shirley Ramsey
Brine, Leota Oroville
Brine, Robert J Oroville
Brinker, Barbara Deene Ramsey
Britt, Henry Ramsey
Britton, Vern William Ramsey
Broadway, Maxine Moore Oroville
Broadway, Robert A Oroville
Bronner, Edward C Gridley
Brooks, Collette LaSha Ramsey
Brooks, David Lee Oroville
Brooks, Janice R Oroville
Brooks, Joe Gridley
Brooks, Linda T Gridley
Brosman, Denver Gridley
Brower, Linda Jane Ramsey
Brower, Rhoda Oroville
Brown, Alta Anice Oroville
Brown, Anita M Gridley
Brown, Bertha Christianson Ramsey
Brown, Clyde Wilson Ramsey
Brown, Doris Ramsey
Brown, Gary A Gridley
Brown, Jack Larramore Ramsey
Brown, Jean C Oroville
Brown, Jennifer Deaton Ramsey
Brown, Joanne M Oroville
Brown, Lorain Ardell Ramsey
Brown, Marijane Ramsey
Brown, Nathan Aaron Oroville
Brown, Robert L Oroville
Brown, Rosa Oroville
Brown, Virginia Oroville
Brown, Zell Oroville
Brown, Zelma Alice Ramsey
Brownell, Judy Ann Oroville
Browning, Dwight S Gridley
Brozo, John Oroville
Bruce, Michael Mickey Ramsey
Brumley, Jane Gridley
Brumley, Michael Ramsey
Brundage, Rita C Gridley
Bryan, Barkly Sr Ramsey
Bryant, Jackie Sue Ramsey
Bryson, Jeremy Hix Ramsey
Bryson, Steven S Ramsey
Bubier, Jeanne Marie Ramsey
Buchow, Karlheinz Ramsey
Bueler, Myron Jesse Ramsey
Buelna, Andrew Lester Ramsey
Buniger, Gary Lee Oroville
Bunnell, Howard P Gridley
Bura, Ana Ramsey
Buracker, Deborah Sue Ramsey
Burke, Mary Lu Ramsey
Burke, Michael Paul Ramsey
Burns, Gloria Millicent Oroville
Burrow, Frankie Joseph Ramsey
Burton, Robert Monroe Ramsey
Bush, Cory Lee Ramsey
Buskirk, Lula Belle Ramsey
Buteau, Thelma G Oroville
Butler, Ann Elizabeth Oroville
Butler, Susan Ramsey
Butler, Tom Ramsey
Butterfield, Gary Duanne Ramsey
Buxton, Michael Patrick Ramsey
Byard, Catherine Gridley
Bybee, Darrell Wayne Ramsey
Byers, Bonnie Jean Ramsey
Byers, Herbert G Oroville
Byrne, Everett Gridley
Byrne, Meredith G Gridley
Byrnes, Ethel Oroville
Byrns, Pauline Josephine Ramsey


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Cabrera, Jamie Richard Gridley
Cabrera, Joe M Gridley
Caffey, Justine Oroville
Calanche, Raeleen Laverne Ramsey
Caldwell, Bessie Ramsey
Caldwell, Dianah Lee Ramsey
Callahan, Lola J Gridley
Callahan, William Edgar Ramsey
Callebs, Gary Lee Ramsey
Campbell, Christine Oroville
Campbell, Jennifer Lee Ramsey
Campbell, Kevin Eugene Ramsey
Campbell, Virginia May Oroville
Canady, Gregory Clay Ramsey
Canady, Tiffany Ann Gridley
Canavan, Kelly Michael Oroville
Cannell, Mary Helen Ramsey
Cannoy, Patricia Castleberry Ramsey
Cano, Jorge G Gridley
Cantrell, Ellen C Oroville
Cantrell, Jerry Douglas Ramsey
Cantu, John Ramsey
Cardona, Carlotta Yolanda Ramsey
Cardwell, Helen Grivette Ramsey
Carlin, Marie Gridley
Carlquist, George Sr Gridley
Carlson, Audry Irene Ramsey
Carmean, Catherine Ramsey
Carmona, Maximo G Gridley
Carnahan, Lyn Oroville
Carnahan, Phyllis Afton Ramsey
Carne, James Howard Ramsey
Carpenter, Patsy Ruth Ramsey
Carpenter, Richard Ramsey
Carpenter, Rickey Ramsey
Carr, Robert M Oroville
Carrasco, Maria T Gridley
Carroll, Burnette May Oroville
Carroll, Rhonda G Gridley
Carson, Lottie M Gridley
Carter, Donald Curt Gridley
Carter, Neil Lee Oroville
Casaulong, Jennifer Marie Ramsey
Case, Joseph Allen Ramsey
Casey, Donald Lee Ramsey
Casey, Ricky Oroville
Cash, Ronnie Jr Ramsey
Casillas, Ernest Anthony Gridley
Cassady, Sybil V Gridley
Cassel, Anita Carol Ramsey
Cassidy, Charles Leo Ramsey
Cassidy, Joseph Jr Ramsey
Castaneda, Rigoberto Romero Ramsey
Castillo, Alberto Gridley
Castle, Madeleine Oroville
Castro, Teresa Gridley
Catledge, Bonnie Gridley
Catledge, Cecil R Gridley
Caughey, Charlotte Elizabeth Oroville
Cavasos, Nora Belle Ramsey
Cella, Kathleen Ramsey
Cha, Lou Oroville
Chacon, Floyd J Gridley
Champion, Melinda Francoise Ramsey
Chandler, Cary Lee Ramsey
Chandler, Deana Marie Ramsey
Chandler, Robert Sr Ramsey
Chang, Blia Oroville
Chapa, Victoria R Gridley
Chapman, Hannah M Gridley
Chapman, Mary Frances Oroville
Charlebois, Joyce Oroville
Charles, KAundray OShea Ramsey
Charles, Wanda Michelle Ramsey
Chavez, Carmen Gridley
Chavez, Jorge Gridley
Cherms, Donald Jr Oroville
Cherry, Edward Morris Ramsey
Chiavola, Timothy Oroville
Childers, Delbert Wayne Ramsey
Chill, Pansy Colleen Ramsey
Chodrick, Christy Lurie Ramsey
Chollet, Leonard M Ramsey
Christopher, Rona D Oroville
Chue, Cha Phia Oroville
Chue, Chong Oroville
Chue, Melonie Oroville
Cienkowski, Maureen Oroville
Cisneros, Angela Gabriella Ramsey
Cisneros, Miguel Angel Ramsey
Clabaugh, Lila Oroville
Clark, Christine Ramsey
Clark, David Lee Ramsey
Clark, James Warren Ramsey
Clark, Jimmie Sr Ramsey
Clark, Julia Ramsey
Clark, Laura Alice Ramsey
Clark, Rosana F Oroville
Clark, Tore TJ Gridley
Clausen, Carolyn Ramsey
Clayton, Kimberly Gridley
Clem, Raymond David Ramsey
Cline, Donald William Ramsey
Cochran, Bob Ramsey
Cody, Douglas Jr Ramsey
Coe, Mearl Gridley
Coffelt, Norma Ramsey
Coghlan, Sally J Gridley
Coiner, David Ramsey
Coiner, Peggy Ramsey
Coker, Carol Oroville
Colburn, Loretta Ramsey
Colburn, Preston Ramsey
Colby, Lee Jr Ramsey
Cole, Benjamin Oroville
Cole, Beverly Elaine Gridley
Coleman, Donald E Gridley
Coleman, Nancy Ann Ramsey
Coll, Luarel D Gridley
Colley, Anna Zwakenberg Ramsey
Collier, Lloyd Wayne Ramsey
Collins, Christopher C Gridley
Collins, David Scott Ramsey
Collins, Joanne Kathleen Ramsey
Colony, Nita Marie Oroville
Coltren, Charlotte Yvonne Ramsey
Combs, Cara Lee Ramsey
Combs, Ellis Dwight Ramsey
Combs, Jesse Sr Oroville
Combs, John David Ramsey
Conger, Gayla Joyce Ramsey
Conley, Roger Oroville
Conn, Herman Ramsey
Connelly, Lorayne Oroville
Conner, Lawrence L Ramsey
Connor, Neil Martin Ramsey
ConnSr, David E Oroville
Conrow, Ellen Marie Oroville
Conti, William Ramsey
Contreras, Charles Chuck Oroville
Converse, Marie Gridley
Conway, Carol Lee Gridley
Cook, Frank Kenneth Ramsey
Cook, James Eugene Ramsey
Cook, James Lawrence Ramsey
Cook, Kerri Ruth Ramsey
Cook, Lily Ramsey
Cook, Stephan A Gridley
Cooper, Kenneth Raymond Ramsey
Cooper, Landry Sr Ramsey
Cooper, Terry Ann Oroville
Copeland, Alcie Gridley
Copeland, Rosalinde Freya Ramsey
Corbaley, Lois June Ramsey
Corbin, Jim Stanley Oroville
Corcoran, Michael W Oroville
Cordeiro, Vincent Oroville
Cornell, Donald Bruce Ramsey
Cornell, Linda J Oroville
Cornell, Walter Ramsey
Corona, Angelica Gridley
Cossey, David Ray Ramsey
Costa, Ron W Oroville
Costa, Wilma Ruth Ramsey
Courtney, James Clovis Ramsey
Coutts, Vera Irene Ramsey
Covert, Freda Oroville
Cox, Leatha L Ramsey
Cox, Orvil Ramsey
Cox, Suzanne Elaine Ramsey
Cox, Virginia E Gridley
Craddock, William Duane Oroville
Craig, Garry A Ramsey
Crawford, Edward Sr Oroville
Crawford, Margaret Oroville
Crawford, Vera Eileen Ramsey
Crawford, Vivian Oroville
Crawford, Wayne Gridley
Cree, Donald Keys Ramsey
Cress, Frank R Ramsey
Crisp, Walter Ramsey
Critchfield, Letha Haney Ramsey
Crook, Angela Tomiko Ramsey
Crooks, Carolyn Ramsey
Crosby, Joseph Oroville
Crose, Craig Oroville
Cross, Cloretta Gridley
Cross, Grant Thomas Ramsey
Cross, James A Gridley
Cross, Lovetta Jo Gridley
Cross, Mary Margaret Ramsey
Cross, Robert Oroville
Cross, Terrance Richard Ramsey
Cross, Wilma Oroville
Cruise, Kenneth Virl Ramsey
Cruz, Earlene Rachel Ramsey
Cruz, Jack Eugene Ramsey
Cummins, Donald A Gridley
Cummins, Madeliene C Gridley
Cunningham, Ryan Thomas Gridley
Cuny, Phyllis Ann Oroville
Curl, Robert Barton Ramsey
Curtis, Barbara Ann Oroville
Curtis, Clinton Leroy Ramsey
Curtis, Patsy Jean Ramsey
Cushman, David Gridley
Cushman, Mary Gridley


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Daley, Margaret Horton Ramsey
Dalrymple, Ronnie Oroville
Dalton, Amy Louise Ramsey
Dalton, Maurice D Gridley
Damon, Clifford Elwin Ramsey
Damon, Nancy Ramsey
Daniels, Garth Taylor Ramsey
Danielson, Russell Oroville
Danly, John Robert Ramsey
Danner, A G Oroville
Danysh, Gregory Oroville
Darden, Dorothy F Oroville
Daugherty, Jared Ramsey
Daugherty, Paul M Ramsey
Daugherty, Sharon Kay Ramsey
Davalos, Margaret Oroville
Davies, Arthur Oroville
Davies, Craig Stephen Ramsey
Davies, Craig Stephen Ramsey
Davies, Joel Leslie Oroville
Davis, Alfred Gridley
Davis, Bettie Faye Ramsey
Davis, Betty Ramsey
Davis, Bonnie Jo Ramsey
Davis, Dorothy J Gridley
Davis, Jerry Gridley
Davis, Joe Frank Oroville
Davis, Josie Inez Ramsey
Davis, Patrick Oroville
Davis, Richard Harvey Ramsey
Davis, Shanda Ramsey
Day, Annie Mae Ramsey
Deakins, Birdie Ann Ramsey
Dean, Ronald Irvin Ramsey
Debry, Audrey Isabel Oroville
Deck, Michael Anthony Oroville
Decker, Beverly Ann Ramsey
Dedekam, Roger Oroville
Dees, Warner Oroville
Defrantz, Dale W Oroville
DeJong, Vallory Ramsey
DeLaby, Judy Ann Ramsey
DeLaCruz, Judith Rae Ramsey
Delaney, Alexandra Ramsey
Delaney, Maxine M Gridley
Delany, Rickie Lee Oroville
Delliquadri, Mary Jo Ramsey
Delucchi, Louise Oroville
Demeyer, Wanda Oroville
Demo, Phillip Arthur Ramsey
Denham, Richard Ramsey
Deniz, Annie P Gridley
Denney, Bruce Alen Ramsey
Denney, Gary W Oroville
Denney, Hoy Jack Ramsey
Dennis, Theoplis Oroville
Dent, Jerry Gridley
Derdevanis, Susan Ruth Oroville
DeSota, Lawna Oroville
Dettamani, Ernest Gridley
Deuel, Iva C Oroville
Dewar, Donald Frederick Oroville
DeWitt, Arthur Ramsey
Dewitt, Betty J Oroville
Dhaene, Mea Lynn Oroville
Diamond, Kevin Drew Ramsey
Dias, Carlotta Lottie Ramsey
Dickey, Robert Tharp Oroville
Dickinson, Earl D Gridley
Dickson, Darwin Oroville
Dickson, Thomas A Gridley
Dietz, David W Gridley
Dilger, Armando Efrain Ramsey
Dilger, Clarita Ramsey
Dillon, Debbie A Oroville
Dillon, William Oroville
Dingman, Irene Marie Oroville
Dobrzynski, John Jr Ramsey
Dodson, Geraldine Barbara Ramsey
Dolan, Iris Ellen Ramsey
Dolgovin, Norma Oroville
Dolgovin, Ralph Oroville
Dolgovin, Ralph Oroville
Dollar, Inell M Gridley
Domin, Sherrie L Gridley
Dominguez, Rosa Gridley
Donahue, Pamela Ruth Ramsey
Doner, Max Henry Ramsey
Donnard, Barney J Gridley
Donnard, Eric N Gridley
Donoho, George Ramsey
Dornan, JB Gridley
Dorsett, Marvin Oroville
Doss, Betty Jane Oroville
Dosser, Alyene Gridley
Dougherty, Francis James Ramsey
Douglas, Betty Ramsey
Douglass, Marian Louise Ramsey
Dowty, Paul Edmund Oroville
Dozier, Marjorie Lee Ramsey
Dozier, Randall Lee Ramsey
Drane, Dalan Robert Ramsey
Drapinski, Frederick Ramsey
Drew, John Jr Ramsey
Druecker, James Anthony Ramsey
Drummond, Rethia Pearl Oroville
Drury, Leonard W Oroville
Dryden, Gerald Dale Oroville
Dubie, Michelle Mignon Ramsey
Ducusin, Florencia M Gridley
Dudley, Terry L Oroville
Duenas, Elisa Gridley
Dufault, Darrel E Gridley
Dugan, Audrey A Gridley
Dummett, Martin Oroville
Duncan, Dennis Roy Oroville
Duncan, Diana Jean Oroville
Duncan, Lillian Edith Oroville
Duncan, Randy Lee Ramsey
Duncan, Stephen Oroville
Dunham, Marie Gridley
Dunham, Sharon Diane Ramsey
Dunn, Dennis Lynn Ramsey
Dunn, Jacqueline Frances Ramsey
Dunston, Bobbie Jo Ramsey
Duquette, Marvin L Ramsey
Duquette, Robert Oroville
Duran, Alonzo Villapando Oroville
Duran, Henry Oroville
Duran, Lilia J Ramsey
Durbin, Beverly Jane Ramsey
Dusha, Edward Oroville
Dusha, Margaret E Oroville
Dutra, Joseph F Gridley
DuVall, Darlene Ruth Ramsey
Duzmal, James Michael Ramsey
Dyer, Maxine Menzie Ramsey


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Early, Bobby Lee Ramsey
Early, Randy James Ramsey
Eash, Jay Dean Ramsey
Easley, Becky A Oroville
Eatough, C Marlene Ramsey
Edgar, Barbara Gayle Oroville
Edwards, Devin Reid Ramsey
Edwards, Jesse Burt Ramsey
Edwards, Junior Dale Ramsey
Edwards, Pat Ramsey
Edwards, Steven Ramsey
Edwrds, Ronald Jr Ramsey
Ehorn, Thomas Gridley
Eiden, Nonie Kathy Ramsey
Eiden, Stephen Heidt Ramsey
Eisenhauer, Ernest Oroville
Eldridge, Joel Brian Ramsey
Eldridge, Shannon L Oroville
Elliott, Corey Alden Ramsey
Elliott, Joyce Elaine Ramsey
Elliott, Raymond Gibson Ramsey
Ellis, Jonette Ramsey
Elmer, Michael Gridley
Emmett, Carlos Bo Oroville
Engelage, Fay S Ramsey
Engelhardt, Carolyn DeAun Oroville
Engen, Daniel Ramsey
English, Theda L Ramsey
Erickson, Gregory Ahle Ramsey
Ervin, Frank Forrest Ramsey
Espinoza, Veronica A Gridley
Estes, Cindy Lou Ramsey
Ethel, Eldwin Oroville
Ethel, Willis Oroville
Etter, Bobbie Lynn Ramsey
Eubanks, Annastasia Sissy Ramsey
Eufusia, Aldo Oroville
Evans, Donna Marie Oroville
Evans, Drew W Oroville
Evans, Lil Nick Ramsey
Evenson, Michelle Renee Ramsey
Everett, Linda Oroville
Evert, Edgar E Gridley


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Fabbro, Rebecca Ann Ramsey
Fage, Brenda Sue Ramsey
Fairbanks-Espinoza, Ryan Gridley
Fairley, Wenonah Peg Oroville
Fairse, William Joe Ramsey
Fajmon, Edward Gridley
Falsone, Ella M Gridley
Farchi, Donna Lee Ramsey
Faria, Wally Alan Ramsey
Farley, Chloe R Gridley
Farmer, Alan L Oroville
Farmer, Donald R Oroville
Farmer, Janet Evelyn Ramsey
Farnham, Christopher John Ramsey
Farrens, Arthur Ramsey
Farrington, Ashley Ramsey
Farris, Adrianne Oroville
Favela, Raymond Joel Ramsey
Feightner, Dianna Sue Oroville
Felipe, Ruby Ramsey
Felix, Jorge Padilla Ramsey
Felkins, Eddie Gridley
Felkins, Ross Gridley
Ferguson, Carl Gridley
Ferguson, Grayson James Ramsey
Ferguson, Loretta Gridley
Ferguson, Richard Lee Ramsey
Fevurly, Joan Oroville
Field, Elinor Jeanne Ramsey
Fielden, Paul Edward Ramsey
Fife, Marvis Oroville
Fife, Robert Gridley
Fillmore, Harvey D Gridley
Fincher, George Junior Ramsey
Findley, Robert L Gridley
Finn, Catherine Gridley
Finney, Viola M Gridley
Fish, Raleigh Oroville
Fisher, Mary Ellen Oroville
Fisher, Myrle Dee Ramsey
Fitzpatrick, Janice Lynn Ramsey
Flannery, Terry Ramsey
Fleming, Bradford H Oroville
Flores, Eileen Oroville
Flores, Irene Hudson Oroville
Flores, Silesio Forde Oroville
Floyd, Sharon D Gridley
Ford, Artie Irene Gridley
Ford, Coy Silas Oroville
Ford, Lerlon Ione Oroville
Ford, Warren John Ramsey
Ford, Zina Gridley
Foresee, John Anthony Ramsey
Forester, David Ryan Oroville
Forney, Carolyn Ann Ramsey
Forrest, Dolores Ann Oroville
Fortney, Elizabeth L Oroville
Foster, Clinton Oroville
Foster, Clinton Jr Oroville
Foster, Ella Mae Ramsey
Foster, Geraldine Ramsey
Fowler, Bruce Oroville
Fowler, Frank T Ramsey
Fox, Don Ramsey
Fox, William George Oroville
Francis, Benjamin Franklin Ramsey
Frank, Richard Gridley
Franks, Sharline Ramsey
Frazier, Donald Macon Ramsey
Frazier, Kathleen June Ramsey
Free, Bill Leroy Ramsey
Free, Julia Rochelle Ramsey
Freeman, John Oroville
Freeman, Lois Ramsey
Freeman, Robert Oroville
Freiwald, Daralalee Nell Ramsey
French, Dale F Gridley
Friedrich, April Oroville
Frieze, Jacqueline Mable Ramsey
Frieze, Patricia Ann Oroville
Frieze, Veronica Oroville
Frost, Franklin Sr Gridley
Frownfelter-Drasal, Jeri Alice Ramsey
Fryar, Johnny Ray Oroville
Fryar, Tandy Oroville
Fugate, Bonnie Dale Oroville
Fuhr, Rita Thornton Ramsey
Fullmer, Myrtle Oroville
Fullmer, Ted Shaffer Ramsey
Fultz, Marcella Irene Ramsey


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Gaines, Mary Ramsey
Gale, Leta Pauline Ramsey
Galiano, Robert Lee Ramsey
Gallegos, David E Ramsey
Gallegos, Julia June Ramsey
Gallegos, Susan Antonia Ramsey
Galliett, Harold Jr Ramsey
Galliett, Mary Sylvia Ramsey
Galloway, Charles W Oroville
Gama, Sharon Gridley
Gamble, Adrian Sean Gridley
Gamon, Frances Elizabeth Ramsey
Gandy, Janet M Gridley
Garcia, Lionel W Oroville
Garcia, Margarita Vasquez Gridley
Garcia, Maryann Patricia Ramsey
Gardner, Almeda Ramsey
Gardner, Richard Elwood Ramsey
Garecht, Ann V Ramsey
Garewarl, Deborah G Gridley
Garich, Roberta Jean Gridley
Gaston, Harold Sonny Ramsey
Gately, Edna Gridley
Gaton, Veneranda Oroville
Gatti, Art A Oroville
Geer, Marjorie Lillie Ramsey
Geib, William Richard Ramsey
Geiger, Megan Eileen Ramsey
Gentry, Bill Sr Ramsey
Gentry, Evelyn Ramsey
George, Maralee Ann Oroville
Gerald, George Jr Oroville
Gerard, John Oroville
German, Charles Oroville
German, Curtis Anthony Ramsey
Ghumman, Elizabeth Ramsey
Gibbon, James W Oroville
Gibson, Clara Eleanore Oroville
Gibson, Malcolm Sr Oroville
Gibson, Napua Hayes Oroville
Gibson, William Oroville
Giddings, Glen Ramsey
Giese, William Henry Ramsey
Gilbert, Betty June Ramsey
Gilbert, Robert Ramsey
Gilchrist, Frank Jr Ramsey
Gilcrest, Sharon L Oroville
Gill, Floyd H Gridley
Gill, Thomas W Gridley
Gilligan, Loma Linda Ramsey
Gilpin, Richard Samuel Ramsey
Giordano, Anthony Sr Gridley
Girnell, David W Gridley
Glaum, Theodore W Oroville
Gleason, Karissa Heaven Ramsey
Goeas, Herbert Oroville
Goergen, Francis A Gridley
Golbadi, Mahan Oroville
Golz, Vicki Lynn Ramsey
Gomez, Renee Gridley
Gonzales, Lisa Gridley
Gonzales, Rudolph Gridley
Gonzalez, Jorge M Gridley
Gonzalez, Teresa Gridley
Goode, Herman Gridley
Goodhue, Ken V Ramsey
Goodson, Doris Eloise Oroville
Gorbet, Evelyn Oroville
Gorbet, Ricky Kevin Ramsey
Gorton, Ruth I Gridley
Gouveia, Gloria Gridley
Gow, Hazel Irene Oroville
Graham, Carlai Juanita Ramsey
Graham, Gwendolyn Gridley
Graham, Ralph Gridley
Grahn, Roberta Gridley
Gramps, David Sr Oroville
Grant, Willard Ramsey
Grassl, Charlie Jr Ramsey
Grassl, Vernalee Ann Ramsey
Gravel, Earl Palmer Gridley
Graves, George Gridley
Graves, Juanita M Gridley
Graves, Noel Oroville
Gray, Edward Henry Oroville
Gray, Jennifer Ramsey
Gray, Kathleen Ramsey
Gray, Margaret A Oroville
Gray, Nellie Ramsey
Gray, Richard Alden Ramsey
Green, Beverly Rohde Ramsey
Green, Bonnie Jeanne Ramsey
Green, Daniel Ramsey
Greenman, Stephen Charles Ramsey
Greenwood, Susan Gail Ramsey
Greeson, Mary Elizabeth Oroville
Gregory, Robert Gridley
Gregory, Wallace E Gridley
Gresham, Justin Oroville
Gribble, David T Oroville
Grider, Roy Ramsey
Griffin, Ozell Crum Ramsey
Griffith, Robert Jackson Oroville
Griggs, Keisha Lee Ramsey
Grimes, Ralph Edward Ramsey
Grimes-Hankins, David Gridley
Grimm, Natalie L Ramsey
Grinstead, Danny Gridley
Grogan, Colleen Elaine Ramsey
Gross, Gerald Jerry Ramsey
Gross, Juanita Gridley
Grossman, Ralph Edward Ramsey
Grove, Lareeda Vaughn Ramsey
Groves, David Jr Ramsey
Grubbs, John C Oroville
Grubbs, Napolean Gridley
Guerrero, Larramie Marie Ramsey
Guess, Christopher Lee Ramsey
Guhl, Bessie E Gridley
Guiney, Edward Oroville
Guinti, James Oroville
Gulick, John J Gridley
Guthrie, Donna Ruth Ramsey
Gutierrez, Arthur Oroville
Gutierrez, Leonor Ramsey
Gutierrez, Naomi Fay Oroville
Gutierrez, Rene Rodriguez Ramsey
Gutierrez, Tomasa Jimenez Ramsey
Guyer, Vivian Caroline Ramsey
Gwinn, Tony Oroville


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Hackett, Mark Gridley
Hackney, Wynema Ramsey
Haddock, James Oroville
Hadley, Paul A Oroville
Hageman, William Gridley
Haignere, Serge Oroville
Hainsey, Flornell Oroville
Haka, Teresa Oroville
Haldeman, Tamara Dawn Ramsey
Hale, Mary L Gridley
Haley, Chester Ray Ramsey
Haley, John Wayne Ramsey
Haley, Matthew J Gridley
Halfhill, Gerald Ramsey
Hall, Richard Wayne Ramsey
Hall, Viola Ardell Ramsey
Hallman, Helen Marie Ramsey
Halstead, Richard Calvin Ramsey
Hamby, Robert Allen Oroville
Hamilton, Robert Ramsey
Hammons, Leon Gridley
Hampton, Bob Oroville
Hamrick, Vera Jean Ramsey
Hand, Barbara Jean Ramsey
Hang, Chu Oroville
Hannaford, Donald Gridley
Hannagan, Jeanette M Gridley
Hansen, Johanne Liese Oroville
Hansen, Steven Edward Ramsey
Hanson, Kara Maurine Ramsey
Hardie, Matthew Alan Ramsey
Hare, Mark Ramsey
Harmon, John L Gridley
Harmon, Myrtle J Gridley
Harmon, Paula Mae Oroville
Harnish, Jeffrey S Gridley
Harp, Orville D Gridley
Harp, Richard Jr Ramsey
Harr, Austin M Gridley
Harr, William J Gridley
Harriman, Everett Allan Ramsey
Harris, Alvin Ramsey
Harris, Charlotte Heath Oroville
Harris, Flora Gridley
Harris, James Oroville
Harris, Patricia Inez Ramsey
Harris, Sarah Ramsey
Harris, William Roy Ramsey
Harrison, Harold Edward Ramsey
Harrison, Katherine Ramsey
Harrison, Lorene Geneva Ramsey
Harrison, Mary Buxton Oroville
Harrison, Paul M Gridley
Harrison, Wayne Eugene Ramsey
Hart, Jeanne Gridley
Hartshorn, Louise Ramsey
Harvey, Richard English Ramsey
Harvey, Ruth Oroville
Hass, Adren Lee Ramsey
Hauder, Hazel E Oroville
Haughey, James Oroville
Hawkins, Grant E Ramsey
Hawkins, Perry Wesley Ramsey
Hawthorne, Willo Jean Ramsey
Hayden, Amaris Summer Gridley
Hayden, Merrie Jill Gridley
Hayden, Opal Gridley
Hays, Barbara Joanne Ramsey
Hays, Jimmie Oroville
Head, Dwain F Oroville
Heath, Norma Mae Ramsey
Hebert, Gary Joseph Ramsey
Heckathorn, Barbara Jean Ramsey
Heckathorn, Donald Keith Ramsey
Heffelfinger, Brandi Oroville
Heidman, Lorraine F Gridley
Heinemeyer, Philip Oroville
Heinrichson, Wilda Maxine Oroville
Heldibridle, Alberta Sue Ramsey
Hellickson, Jackie Lee Oroville
Hemstalk, Gregory Todd Ramsey
Hendershot, Betty Jane Oroville
Henderson, Brett Allan Ramsey
Henderson, Florentine Frances Ramsey
Henderson, Marion Ramsey
Henderson, Ray Henry Oroville
Hendrickson, David Oroville
Hendrickson, Doral Ramsey
Hendrix, Clifford Oroville
Hendrix, KC Ramsey
Hendrix, Lydull Lee Ramsey
Henneker, Doris Arlene Oroville
Henry, Merl Dean Ramsey
Hensley, Hollie Lester Ramsey
Henson, Carla Ann Oroville
Henson, Dean William Oroville
Henson, Gerry N Gridley
Henson, Lillian Oroville
Hepworth, Alan Gridley
Herina, Jeffrey Oroville
Hernandez, Luis A Gridley
Herrera, Cheryl Ann Oroville
Herring, Jerry Wayne Ramsey
Heter, John L Gridley
Hetland, Arthur Ramsey
Hibbs-Jaskulke, Aileen Ruth Oroville
Hieb, Louise Oroville
Hiebsch, Lois M Gridley
Higgins, Bessie Oroville
Higgins, Betty Jean Ramsey
Higgins, Carolyn Ramsey
Higgs, David Glen Ramsey
Hilbert, Roy Gridley
Hilborn, Margaret Dorothy Oroville
Hill, James Gordon Ramsey
Hill, Ronnie Roland Ramsey
Hill, Rudy Charles Oroville
Hilliard, Claudia Carol Ramsey
Hilliard, Murner R Gridley
Hills, Robert Jr Ramsey
Hillsinger, John Stanley Ramsey
Hillyard, Daniel William Ramsey
Hilton, Cynthia Lynn Oroville
Hixson, Henry Oroville
Hoaglen, Rachel Colleen Ramsey
Hobbs, Beverly Louise Ramsey
Hoch, Edward Oroville
Hochstrat, Lila L Gridley
Hodges, Cathy Helen Ramsey
Hodges, Weston Gridley
Hodson, Betty Jane Ramsey
Hodson, Betty Jane Ramsey
Hodson, Wanda Florence Ramsey
Hoffman, Audrey Ellen Ramsey
Hoggins, Jack Edwin Ramsey
Hogue, Martin Earl Ramsey
Holcomb, Susan Corinne Ramsey
Holdaway, Aleah Oroville
Holden, Marc Gridley
Holder, Zula Allie Ramsey
Holladay, Donald Ramsey
Holladay, Susan Marie Oroville
Hollen, Lee Walker Ramsey
Hollingsworth, Eunice Ramsey
Hollingsworth, George Oroville
Hollingsworth, Ina Faye Ramsey
Holman, George Elliott Oroville
Holmberg, Arwed C Gridley
Holmes, Tamera Oroville
Holst, Ann Oroville
Holt, Joyce L Ramsey
Holton, Robert Donald Oroville
Holton, Robert D Oroville
Holtz, Edward Guy Oroville
Honroth, Edward Stanley Oroville
Hoodman, Randel Ray Oroville
Hoover, Eunice Ramsey
Hoover, Morris Leroy Ramsey
Hopkins, Lyda May Gridley
Hopkins, Mary Ramsey
Hopkins, Wilma Jean Ramsey
Horn, Elinor Gridley
Horn, James Anton Ramsey
Horn, Steven L Gridley
Horner, Beverly Kay Ramsey
Horton, James Jr Oroville
Hottinger, David Joseph Ramsey
Houck, Ray Oroville
Houk, Michael Oroville
Howard, Garry Ramsey
Howard, Joseph Gridley
Howard, Patricia Kay Ramsey
Howarth, Charlene Ramsey
Howarth, Harry James Ramsey
Howarth, Karmon Joyce Ramsey
Howell, Barbara Oroville
Howell, Dixon Gridley
Howell, Emons Gridley
Hubbell, Carolyn Oroville
Huber, Joseph Gridley
Hudson, Melvin Jr Ramsey
Hudson, Peter Gibson Ramsey
Hudson, Roberta Ramsey
Huett, Daniel Lynn Oroville
Huey, Dorothy M Oroville
Huff, Beverly Oroville
Huffman, Delmer George Ramsey
Hughes, Charlotte Lee Ramsey
Hughes, James Robert Ramsey
Hughes, Mary Gridley
Hughes, Shirley Ramsey
Hull, Karen Ramsey
Humes, Patricia Machut Ramsey
Hummer, John S Ramsey
Hunderman, Barbara Jean Ramsey
Hungalu, Opeti Itomi Ramsey
Hunt, Robert Charles Ramsey
Hunt, Steven Glen Ramsey
Hunter, Allen Oroville
Hunter, Stanley Oroville
Hunting, Larry Conrad Ramsey
Huntington, Barbara Ramsey
Huntley, Scott Andrew Oroville
Hurt, Reio Lee Ramsey
Huston, Thomas Paul Ramsey
Hutchings, Larry Jr Ramsey
Hutchinson, Karen Oroville
Hutton, Charles William Ramsey
Hyatt, William Harvey Ramsey
Hyde, Joe Clinton Ramsey


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Ihnen, Henry Oroville
Ihnen, Veta L Oroville
Illenberg, David Oroville
Ingalls, Mae Ramsey
Inman, Robbie Oroville
Inscho, Molly M Oroville
Israelsky, Merle III Ramsey
Itaya, Ted Darrell Ramsey
Iverson, Janese Oroville
Izaguirre, Amelia B Gridley


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Jackson, Alvin Louis Oroville
Jackson, Bonnie Oroville
Jackson, Bud Oroville
Jackson, Larry N Oroville
Jackson, Nymroy Joseph Ramsey
Jackson, Preston Ramsey
Jackson, Pricilla E Oroville
Jackson, Robert T Ramsey
Jackson, Stacy Lyn Oroville
Jackson, Virginia Oroville
Jackson, William Charles Oroville
Jackson, William Buck Ramsey
Jacobson, Norma Dowden Oroville
Jaks, Otto Joseph Ramsey
James, Clifford Ramsey
Jankanish, George Andrew Ramsey
Jannink, Robert Oroville
Jaramillo, Margarita Ramsey
Jarrett, Richard Ramsey
Jasper, Robert Dale Oroville
Jay, Craig Oroville
Jay, Randy E Gridley
Jean, Tufoni Leonard Oroville
Jeffers, Gary Austin Gridley
Jefferson, Jack Ramsey
Jeffords, Vicki A Oroville
Jenkins, James Gridley
Jenkins, Lavera Oroville
Jennings, Carleen Ramsey
Jennings, Kyle Oroville
Jennings, Ruth Lorrial Oroville
Jensen, Charles Douglas Ramsey
Jensen, Frances Ramsey
Jensen, John Oroville
Jeremiah, Ricky Ramsey
Jernigan, Bruce Lee Ramsey
Jernigan, Peggy Wagar Ramsey
Jessie, Jerry Merle Ramsey
Jessie, Jimmy Allen Ramsey
Jewell, Daniel III Oroville
Jo, Lavell L Gridley
Johns, Ernest Alvin Oroville
Johnson, Ann Elizabeth Ramsey
Johnson, Don C Gridley
Johnson, Gale Raymond Oroville
Johnson, Iva Ramsey
Johnson, Janice Oroville
Johnson, Jeanette Gridley
Johnson, Jimmy Verl Oroville
Johnson, Jimmy V Oroville
Johnson, Joyce Lee Ramsey
Johnson, Julie Ann Ramsey
Johnson, Leonor Gridley
Johnson, Mary Alice Ramsey
Johnson, Naomi Ruth Ramsey
Johnson, Peggy Ramsey
Johnson, Randy Steven Ramsey
Johnson, Rickie Ramsey
Johnson, Robert Westley Ramsey
Johnson, Rose Sheila Gridley
Johnson, Stephen Douglas Ramsey
Johnson, Tammy Angle Oroville
Johnson, Traire Lynne Ramsey
Johnson, Wesley Ramsey
Johnston, Donna A Ramsey
Johnston, Jesse Isaac Ramsey
Jojo, Brian&Kristine Oroville
Jolly, Ione Louicille Ramsey
Jones, Albert Ramsey
Jones, Alina Leigh Ramsey
Jones, Amber Barrett Oroville
Jones, David Sr Ramsey
Jones, David Ramsey
Jones, Dorothy Caroline Oroville
Jones, Eddie E Oroville
Jones, Edward Oroville
Jones, Eurtis Jr Ramsey
Jones, Faye Mackenzie Oroville
Jones, Jenelda Gridley
Jones, Kymberly Dawn Ramsey
Jones, Maxine Grace Gridley
Jones, Nancy Lee Ramsey
Jones, Phyllis Kay Ramsey
Jones, Raymond Oroville
Jones, Richard Gridley
Jones, Robert C Gridley
Jones, Sam N Ramsey
Jones, William Gridley
Jones, William E Oroville
Jones, William Ramsey
Jones, Zelma Veryle Oroville
Josephson, Dareyl Givens Ramsey
Joyner, CB Cub Ramsey
JR, Benjamin Fury Ramsey
JR, Donald Putman Ramsey
Justeson, Melvin W Gridley


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Kaelin, Wyatt David Ramsey
Kampstra, Margaret Elizabeth Ramsey
Kane, Robert Douglas Ramsey
Kangas, John R Ramsey
Karki, Monique C Oroville
Kauffman, Geoffrey Gridley
Keear, Alice Lula Ramsey
Keeble, Donald Vincent Ramsey
Keller, Evelyn Caroline Ramsey
Kelley, Michael Joseph Ramsey
Kellogg, Danny Burwyn Ramsey
Kelly, Edward James Ramsey
Kelly, James Edward Oroville
Kelly, Phyllis Whale Gridley
Kelly, Ruth Ann Oroville
Kelly, Shannon G Gridley
Kendall, Marion Oroville
Kennedy, Janice Gridley
Kerbow, Mary Ruth Ramsey
Khan, Badshah Gridley
Khan, Mohammad Gridley
Khan, Mohammad A Gridley
Khan, Mukhtar B Gridley
Khang, Ying Oroville
Kidd, Harold Eugene Oroville
Kightlinger, Joyce Irene Gridley
Kilgore, Eura Pete Ramsey
Kilgore, Stella Irene Ramsey
Kilgore, Victoria Rodriguez Ramsey
Killgore, Ruth Lanier Ramsey
Killingsworth, William Earl Ramsey
Killmer, Toni Joyce Ramsey
Kilmer, Roger Alan Ramsey
Kime, Emmett Clayton Ramsey
Kimmons, Burnie R Gridley
King, Barbara Jean Oroville
King, Earl E Gridley
King, Faye Maxine Ramsey
King, James David Ramsey
King, Lowell Gridley
King, Nellie Oroville
King, Paulene Frances Ramsey
King, Ruth H Gridley
Kinkle, Barry A Gridley
Kinney, Barbara J Gridley
Kinney, Michael Lee Ramsey
Kinney, Ronald Gridley
Kinser, Gregory Lamar Ramsey
Kircher, David Maxwell Oroville
Kirk, Harry Ramsey
Kirkhoven, Brabara June Ramsey
Kirkhoven, Ernestine Tina Ramsey
Kirkhoven, Michael Leroy Ramsey
Kirtley, Dewey S Oroville
Klein, Robert Oroville
Klemm, Korry E Ramsey
Klocker, Myrtle Ramsey
Kluender, Michael Gene Oroville
Klutsenbaker, Kolbie Ray Ramsey
Knapp, Marjorie Oroville
Knauss, Michael Wayne Ramsey
Knight, LV Lee Ramsey
Knox, Arvill V Gridley
Knox, Velois A Ramsey
Kooyers, Nancy A Oroville
Kopp, Margaret Peggy Ramsey
Kossow, Fredrick C Gridley
Kotka, Anna May Ramsey
Kottinger, Leona Gridley
Kratz, Mary L Ramsey
Kretzschmar, Michele Lee Ramsey
Krpan, Nickolas Jack Oroville
Kruse, Jodie Diane Ramsey
Kruse, Lydia Gayleyne Ramsey
Kudo, Barbara Oroville
Kuil, Margaret Boyd Gridley
Kumle, William Harold Oroville
Kuopus, Carol Anne Ramsey
Kuster, Neomi M Gridley
Kuukka, Klaus Mikko Ramsey


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LaBarbera, Gaetano A Gridley
Lacativo, Gladys Rosalee Oroville
Lail, Richard Earl Ramsey
Lake, Doris R Gridley
Lalonde, Wayne Gridley
Lane, Terry Sr Ramsey
Langnes, Judith Ellen Ramsey
Lanier, Edith Tyndall Ramsey
Lannon, Sherrilyn R Gridley
Lansdale, Patti Ramsey
Lantrip, Dean Runyon Ramsey
Lao, Der Oroville
Lapka, David Oroville
Lark, Thomas Sr Oroville
Larkin, Robert Edward Ramsey
Larsen, David Ramsey
Larsen, William M Oroville
Larson, Leroy Roger Ramsey
Lash, Michael Richard Ramsey
Lashbrook, Amanda Oroville
Lass, Thomas Gridley
Laughlin, John Oroville
LaViolette, Charles K Gridley
Lawrence, Sally Oroville
Lay, Lester Eugene Ramsey
Lea, Ethel Gridley
Ledford, Lewis Edward Oroville
Ledford, William Oroville
Lee, Blia Oroville
Lee, Doris Elaine Ramsey
Lee, Hope Dorothy Ramsey
Lee, Jar Pao Oroville
Lee, Kathryn Ramsey
Lee, Lillie Fay Oroville
Lee, Linda K Gridley
Lee, Lou Oroville
LeForce, Vida Louise Ramsey
Legget, Jean Ramsey
Leman, Linda Lou Ramsey
Lemburg, Marvin Oroville
Leonard, Michael Leon Oroville
LePage, Mary Ramsey
Lerner, Helene Lucille Ramsey
Levang, Dennis Clyde Ramsey
Levasseur, Louis J Ramsey
Lewellen, Wilber Gridley
Lewis, Mary Louise Ramsey
Leyva, Dirk Sr Ramsey
Leyva, Jesus Sr Ramsey
Liang, Chunan Oroville
Liddell, Gary L Oroville
Liebhauser, Mary Alice Ramsey
Lightle, Phyllis O Ramsey
Lightle, Willodean Ramsey
Lincoln, Marilyn Oroville
Lincoln, Patricia Oroville
Lind, Lawrence A Gridley
Lind, Myrtle Gridley
Lindberg, Frank Richards Ramsey
Lindberg, Lois Gridley
Lindhorst, Donald Ramsey
Lindsay, Thomas Oroville
Linehan, Margaret A Oroville
Linn, Larry Ramsey
Linning, Marjorie R Gridley
Linton, Mildred L Ramsey
Liona, Adolph Michael Ramsey
Lipkos, Joseph A Oroville
Little, Fred T Gridley
Little, Joseph Robert Ramsey
Little, Patricia M Gridley
Livermore, Mark Kevin Ramsey
Lockhart, Peggy Jean Ramsey
Loeffler, Donald Frank Ramsey
Logan, James Larry Ramsey
Logan, Marilyn Louise Ramsey
Logan, Robert Lee Ramsey
Logan, Ronald Ray Ramsey
Logan, Sarah Anne Oroville
Loiseau, Henrietta Patti Ramsey
Lolmaugh, Oleta C Gridley
Lombardi, Shirley Ann Ramsey
Long, Jessie Shaw Ramsey
Long, Linda Lee Ramsey
Longacre, Ora Mae Gridley
Longson, Cheryl May Ramsey
Longson, Dorothy Ramsey
Longson, William Leo Ramsey
Lonsberry, Robert Todd Ramsey
Looney, Andeja Lee Ramsey
Lopez, David Mateo Ramsey
Lopez, Jennifer Colleen Oroville
Lopez, Paul Z Gridley
Lopez, Robert Ramsey
Lor, Cha T Oroville
Lorenzen, Kenneth Oroville
LoRusso, Bernard Oroville
Losano, Dorothy Gridley
Loudermilk, Elmer Sr Ramsey
Louis, Steven John Ramsey
Louthan, Catherine Clark Oroville
Love, Melvin B Ramsey
Lovin, Dottielyn Oroville
Loza, Christopher Alexander Ramsey
Lozada, Rafael A Gridley
Lucado, Mamie Anna Ramsey
Lucas, Lannie Gridley
Lucero, David Lee Oroville
Ludden, Jo Hanna Ramsey
Luebke, Margaret Lorraine Ramsey
Luiz, Carolyn Gridley
Luke, Gregory Oroville
Luman, James C Oroville
Luman, Johnathon James Ramsey
Luna, Jose Martin Ramsey
Lune, Annie E Oroville
Luquin, Maria Gridley
Lutz, David Thomas Oroville
Lyde, Marion Portia Ramsey
Lyons, Anthony Wilson Ramsey
Lytle, Anna Oroville


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MacDonald, Robert Nathan Ramsey
Machado, Thelma Gridley
Mack, Camille E Oroville
Macy, June Ramsey
Maddox, Gary Ramsey
Mae-Castello, Dorothy Ramsey
Mahan, Nanci Lee Ramsey
Main, Mary M Oroville
Malcolm, Jeffrey Evan Ramsey
Mallette, Hazel Tilden Ramsey
Malm, Timothy T Oroville
Malone, Mildred Ramsey
Malone, Richard Gridley
Manes, Mindy S Gridley
Mangum, Katholeen Gridley
Mangus, Lorie Lee Ramsey
Manitto, Mary Elizabeth Ramsey
Manjeot, Richard Hawkeye Ramsey
Manley, Mark Steven Ramsey
Mann, Karen Jensrud Ramsey
Mann, Lillian Ramsey
Mannarino, Rocco John Ramsey
Mannix, Albert Joseph Ramsey
Mannix, Arlan Gridley
March, Consuelo S Gridley
Marcozzi, Rudolph Rudy Ramsey
Marcy, Guy Edward Ramsey
Marino, Gregory Lloyd Oroville
Markley, Betty Jo Ramsey
Marler, Ottilie Oroville
Marquez, Francisca Gridley
Marquez, Librada Gridley
Marr, Uel Cork Ramsey
Marsala, Florence Gridley
Marsh, Dennis Ralph Oroville
Marsh, Norma Gridley
Marshall, Victoria Oroville
Martin, Barbara Bertha Oroville
Martin, Carrol Lee Ramsey
Martin, Della M Gridley
Martin, Earnie Gridley
Martin, Emma Cromer Ramsey
Martin, Geraldine Gridley
Martin, Glenn Eugene Ramsey
Martin, Ina Ray Ramsey
Martin, Jeffrey Adam Ramsey
Martin, John Zachariaus Ramsey
Martin, Mildred Oroville
Martinez, Celia Gridley
Martinez, Emily S Ramsey
Martinez, Juliana Maria Ramsey
Martinez, Morris Moe Ramsey
Martinez, Patricia Sue Ramsey
Martinez, Rosa Maria Ramsey
Martinides, Marie Margaret Ramsey
Mason, Doris H Ramsey
Mason, Mildred Althea Ramsey
Mason, Temas Ramsey
Massey, Richard Lee Ramsey
Matczak, Edda Dolores Ramsey
Matheson, Richard Martin Ramsey
Mathews, Cleo Oroville
Mathews-Woods, Wanda J Gridley
Mathisen, Ronald E Ramsey
Matlock, Tyler Lloyd Ramsey
Matney, Harley Oroville
Matney, Jettie Imogene Oroville
Matney, Ruby Ramsey
Matson, David Bryan Oroville
Matteri, John Andrew Ramsey
Mattly, Carolyn Faye Ramsey
Mattos, Cheryl Gridley
Maxon, Elizabeth Elling Ramsey
Maxwell, Barbagene Oroville
Maxwell, Bryan Robert Oroville
May, Linsey Nicole Ramsey
Mayberry, David Oroville
Mayberry, Evelyn Arlene Ramsey
Mayer, Keeley Renee Ramsey
Mayer, Leo J Gridley
Mayhew, Ricky Drewry Ramsey
Maynard, David Oroville
Maynard, Ronald Ramsey
Mayo, Maria R Gridley
McAvoy, Elva McNamara Oroville
McBride, Leona May Ramsey
McBride, Sylvia Oroville
McCall, Trevor Wayne Ramsey
McChristian, Susan Gridley
McClellan, Heidi Ramsey
McConnell, Hugh Ramsey
McConnell, Joan Day Ramsey
McCord, John Thomas Ramsey
McCord, Samuel Aaron Ramsey
McCormick, Debra Ramsey
McCormick, Karen JoAnn Oroville
McCourry, Melvin Ramsey
McCutchen, Bobby Gridley
McCutchen, Skeen Ramsey
McDermott, Ann Li Ramsey
McDonald, Adele Jean Ramsey
McDonald, Mary Elizabeth Ramsey
McDonald, Olen Mac Oroville
McDonald, Thomas Ramsey
McDonnell, Stephen Douglas Ramsey
McElhaney, Floyd Ramsey
McElravy, Timothy Oroville
McEntyre, Beverly Ramsey
McFarren, Ruby Oroville
McGee, Daren Keith Ramsey
McGee, Lloyd Sr Ramsey
McGinnis, Eugene Wesley Ramsey
McGinnis, Robert J Gridley
McGinnis, Ron Gridley
McInturf, Jeffery Allen Ramsey
McKeever, Sylvia Oroville
McKenzie, James F Gridley
McKibben, Jerry Lee Oroville
McKibbin, Rodney Edward Ramsey
McKinney, Carl Dee Oroville
McLean, Harold W Gridley
Mclendon, Karen Diane Oroville
McLeod, William Oroville
McMahon, Wayne Sr Oroville
McMillen, Hazel Oroville
McMullen, Wanda Lee Ramsey
McNair, Cyrus Blaze Ramsey
McNally, John Ramsey
McNamara, Robert L Oroville
McNeal, Juanita Ramsey
McNichols, Geraldine Gridley
McQuarrie, Marvin Lee Ramsey
McReynolds, Betty E Ramsey
McVicker, Wanda M Gridley
Medina, Ildefonso Gridley
Medrano, Maria Sandoval Ramsey
Meier, Richard George Ramsey
Meister, Douglas D Ramsey
Melilli, Ruth Marie Ramsey
Mellen, Charles Ramsey
Melligan, Jeffery Oroville
Mello, Frank Louis Ramsey
Mellow, Joey B Oroville
Melton, Dorothy S Gridley
Melton, Melvin Gridley
Menard, Willis Ramsey
Mendenhall, Patty Ann Ramsey
Mendieta, Andy G Gridley
Mendoza, Josefina Gridley
Meneley, James Wayne Ramsey
Menke, Hope Ann Oroville
Mensor, James Francis Ramsey
Meredith, Thelma Gridley
Merino, Isabel Oroville
Metcalf, Alva Merle Ramsey
Metcalf, Ardith Kay Ramsey
Metcalf, Roger Dale Ramsey
Metcalfe, Lila M Oroville
Meyer, Thomas Allen Oroville
Meyers, Robert Herman Ramsey
Meza, Sophia Pauline Ramsey
Michl, Richard Jean Ramsey
Mikels, Genele Grace Oroville
Miles, Stamatulla Tookie Ramsey
Millard, Glenn Gridley
Miller, Arthur Oroville
Miller, Bernita Ramsey
Miller, Doris Oroville
Miller, Gail M Oroville
Miller, Gordon Gridley
Miller, Gregory N Ramsey
Miller, Larry W Gridley
Miller, Mae Oroville
Miller, Marvin Oroville
Miller, Roger Dale Ramsey
Miller, Thelma Oroville
Miller, Wilmer Joseph Ramsey
Millet, Duard Ramsey
Mills, Armon Lee Ramsey
MItchell, Della Fern Ramsey
Mitchell, Harold J Gridley
Mitchell, Susan Gridley
Mitchell, Virginia Lee Ramsey
Mize, Daniel Lee Ramsey
MIze, Joseph Frank Ramsey
Moffitt, Dorothy C Gridley
Moldovan, Daniel J Oroville
Molnar, Arlene Ramsey
Molohon, Betty Jo Gridley
Moltere, Jean Robert Oroville
Mondragon-Millan, Raul Gridley
Monin, Victor Wallace Oroville
Montero, Fidel C Gridley
Montero, Jesus Ceballos Gridley
Montgomery, Robert Gridley
Moody, Myrle L Gridley
Moore, Angelo Oroville
Moore, Carl Richard Oroville
Moore, Howard Ray Ramsey
Moore, Jerome W Ramsey
Morales, Alonso Robles Gridley
Moran, Patrick Frank Ramsey
More, Velma I Gridley
Moreau, Martha Laverne Gridley
Morello, Barbara Lyn Ramsey
Morelock, Roger L Oroville
Moreno, Maria Segura Ramsey
Morey, Linda Diane Ramsey
Morgan, Charlotte Ruth Ramsey
Morgan, Robert Ramsey
Morgan, Ruth Ramsey
Morillo, Doris Rafaela Ramsey
Morris, Jimmy Franklin Ramsey
Morrison, Dianne Ramsey
Morrison, Marvel Karen Ramsey
Morrison, Michael Ramsey
Morrison, Robert Charles Oroville
Morrison, Robert Charles Oroville
Morrison, Rose Oroville
Morse, Leon Olen Ramsey
Morse, Stanley E Oroville
Mortenson, Gary Allen Ramsey
Morton, Alice Marie Ramsey
Morton, Donald Francis Ramsey
Moseley, Shannon Bruce Ramsey
Mosier, George Larry Ramsey
Moss, Leslie Jay Oroville
Moss, Randall Wayne Ramsey
Mota, Maria Gridley
Moyle, Lynn A Gridley
Muir, Joanne Ramsey
Muldoon, Marcia Rae Ramsey
Mullen, Austin J Ramsey
Mullen, Juanita Marie Ramsey
Muller, Pauline V Gridley
Mummert, Jerry Oroville
Muncy, Billie Jean Ramsey
Munn, Gleason Ramsey
Munson, Albert Byron Ramsey
Munster, Delbert Oroville
Murray, Aaron Wayne Ramsey
Murray, Angela Marie Ramsey
Murray, Frank Earle Ramsey
Murray, Jinger Lee Ramsey
Murray, Leimomi Theresa Ramsey
Murray, Mary Francis Oroville
Murray, Philip Wayne Ramsey
Murry, Robert Oroville
Musler, Joseph H Ramsey
Myers, Ethel Juanita Ramsey
Myers, Mary Ann Oroville
Myers, Richard Oroville
Myers, Veneranda F Gridley


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Napier, Lois Ramsey
Narasky, David S Ramsey
Narducci, Michael Allen Ramsey
Navarro, Hector Manuel Ramsey
Navarro, Juan Carlos Ramsey
Navarro, Librada Oroville
Navarro, Mary Ann Gridley
Nay, Rozella Ramsey
Needham, Edgar Lavoy Ramsey
Nelson, Donna Ramsey
Nelson, Dorothy Elizabeth Oroville
Nelson, Gregory Alan Ramsey
Nelson, Joy Arthur Ramsey
Nelson, LaNora Oroville
Nelson, Norman Wesley Ramsey
Nelson, Raymond Charles Ramsey
Nelson, Robert C Ramsey
Nelson, Stella V Gridley
Nelson, Virginia Mae Ramsey
Nesmith, Evelyn Gridley
Netherton, Edward Ramsey
Nevel, Timothy King Ramsey
Newkirk, Karen Lynn Oroville
Newman, Jimmy Dale Ramsey
Newman, Orville Ramsey
Newton, Gladys Marie Ramsey
Newton, Lewis R Oroville
Nicholas, William James Ramsey
Nichols, Carol Jane Ramsey
Nichols, Jennie Lou Ramsey
Nichols, Marleen Gridley
Nichols, Stanley Martin Ramsey
Nicholson, Phyllis Ramsey
Nicolas, Donna K Oroville
Nieto, Edward Joseph Ramsey
Nieto, Wineva Gridley
Nippe, Richard Leonard Ramsey
Nissen, Elizabeth B Oroville
Noble, Jana Louise Ramsey
Noor, John David Ramsey
Nored, Larry Lee Ramsey
Noring, Ellen Gridley
Norris, Emmett A Ramsey
North, Joyce L Oroville
Northup, Mari L Ramsey
Norton, David Oroville
Notmeyer, Barbara Jean Ramsey
Novak, Douglas Harold Ramsey
Nuchols, Bonnie L Gridley
Nunes, Amy Gridley
Nunes, Dorothy Arlene Gridley
Nunes, Grace Ramsey
Nunes, Virginia Gridley
Nutt, Neil Eugene Oroville
Nyhof, Hette Hank Gridley


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O'Brien, Maurice E Ramsey
O'Brien, Virginia C Gridley
O'Bryan, Jean K Gridley
O'Neal, Nathan Young Ramsey
O'Neill, Jack Ramsey
O'Reiley, Jerry Eugene Ramsey
Oakley, Pat Gridley
Odekirk, Thomas Ramsey
Odor, Andrew D Oroville
Ogilvie, Wilhemine Gridley
Ohlhausen, Edith Ray Ramsey
Oliver, Craig M Oroville
Olsgard, Lewis H Gridley
Olson, Cody Allen Ramsey
Olson, David Cyril Oroville
Olson, Helen Ruth Oroville
Olson, Jameson Allen Ramsey
Olson, Joseph Andrew Ramsey
Onyett, Avis A Gridley
Onyett, Betty Gridley
Oreilly, Debra Lynn Ramsey
Orman, Charles Mitchell Ramsey
Orozco, Kimberly Rebekah Ramsey
Orozco, Lindsey Anais Ramsey
Ortiz, Pepe Andre Ramsey
Osborn, Ricky Ramsey
Osby, Richard Lee Ramsey
Oskin, Billy Gridley
Otero, Rafael Luis Ramsey
Otremba, Herbert Oroville
Overstreet, Nancy Oroville
Owens, Dale Eugene Ramsey
Owens, David Clyne Ramsey
Owens, Frances Julia Ramsey
Owens, Margaret Mae Ramsey
Owens, Martin Oroville
Oxley, Gerald Allen Oroville
Oxley, Patsy Lee Oroville
Oxley, Timothy Charles Ramsey


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Pack, John R Gridley
Pair, Kathryn Oroville
Palmer, Delphy Gridley
Palmer, Laura Lee Ramsey
Palmer, Tracy Oroville
Paniagua, Enrique P Oroville
Panlibuton, Estella Dorothy Ramsey
Pannell, Orville Doyle Gridley
Pantaleoni, Arnetta Gridley
Pantaleoni, Stephen Vincent Gridley
Papenfuss, Teddy Jack Ramsey
Papkov, Lisa Simeonova Oroville
Parker, Richard Dale Oroville
Parker, William W Ramsey
Parker, Winifred Macy Oroville
Parks, Richard Jr Ramsey
Parrick, Carl Oroville
Pasillas, Carlos Cardona Oroville
Passarelli, Irene Ramsey
Patane, Larry P Gridley
Patrick, Johnny Russell Ramsey
Patterson, Bonnie Zelda Ramsey
Patterson, David Eugene Ramsey
Paul, Richard Dick Ramsey
Payne, Donald Gridley
Pearsall, Mayrie Pearl Ramsey
Pearse, Jeffrey Scott Ramsey
Peel, Constance Ione Ramsey
Peel, Raymond E Ramsey
Pence, Richard Blair Oroville
Pendergrass, Danny L Gridley
Pendergrass, Hazel Gridley
Percelle, Michael Oroville
Perez, Thelma Oroville
Perkins, John W Oroville
Perkins, Vinal Jr Ramsey
Pero, Bessie Oroville
Perrine, Bernie Oroville
Perry, Eula Oroville
Perry, John Henry Oroville
Perry, Lawrence Oroville
Perry, Mary Louise Gridley
Perry, Mary M Gridley
Perry, Natalie Oroville
Perry, Ronald Joe Oroville
Perry, William Edward Oroville
Peterson, Denise Jean Ramsey
Peterson, Robert John Ramsey
Peterson, Wanda Lee Ramsey
Pettit, Stella Cora Ramsey
Petty, Lorene Oroville
Pezzetti, John Jr Oroville
Pfandl, Frederick R Oroville
Pfister, Beatrice Gridley
Phelps, Glenys I Gridley
Phelps, Tina M Ramsey
Phillips, Daryl Duaine Oroville
Phillips, Donald Lynn Ramsey
Phillips, Dorothy Mae Ramsey
Phillips, Mark Lewis Ramsey
Phillips, Thomas William Oroville
Picard, Paul Albert Oroville
Pickering, Stacie Lorene Ramsey
Pierce, Barbara Ann Ramsey
Pierce, Dorothy M Ramsey
Pierce, Larry Wayne Ramsey
Pierceall, Dennis Lynn Oroville
Piercy, Christine Oroville
Pierson, Paula Marie Ramsey
Pike, Chester Gridley
Pike, Esther Louise Ramsey
Pike, LeVonne Jean Ramsey
Pillow, Rory Bruce Oroville
Pinion, Donald Loyd Gridley
Pinney, Donald R Oroville
Pinnick, Brynna Lee Ramsey
Pitsenbarger, Kenneth Roy Ramsey
Pittman, Marjorie Claire Oroville
Pittman, Phillip Rae Ramsey
Pitts, Everett Sr Ramsey
Place, Robert Theodore Oroville
Platzek, Max W Oroville
Points, Mary Lou Ramsey
Points, William Ramsey
Poitras, Letha Jane Ramsey
Poitras, Roger Ramsey
Politovich, Donald Wayne Ramsey
Ponce, Santos Ramsey
Ponke, Violet M Gridley
Porteous, Gary Vonn Oroville
Porter, Leila Gridley
Porterfield, Richard Gridley
Post, Ida Oroville
Potoski, Linda Gridley
Potoski, Stanley Gridley
Potter, Ada Belle Oroville
Powell, James Edward Ramsey
Powell, Travis T Gridley
Powers, Patrick Daniel Ramsey
Pozdnyakov, Elena Gridley
Prahl, Gary Mathew Ramsey
Prater, Gregory Wade Ramsey
Prater, Maxine M Oroville
Preader, Tammy Lynn Ramsey
Preciado, Jose Huizar Ramsey
Pregler, Kirk Alan Oroville
Preston, Marie Olmos Ramsey
Prevette, Diana May Oroville
Prichard, Marlene Alexandria Ramsey
Pridham, Cynthia Lynn Oroville
Proietti, Gerald Eugene Oroville
Pruitt, Bennie Oroville
Pryor, John Howard Ramsey
Pryor, Melvin Lewis Ramsey
Pulczinski, Julian George Oroville
Pulley, Mary Ann Ramsey
Purks, Micky Ramsey
Pursley, Donna Oroville


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Queen, George Clyde Ramsey
Queen, Lillian Jane Ramsey
Quinn, Sean Michael Ramsey


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Rabe, Gloria E Oroville
Rabinowitz, Janis Oroville
Rader, Howard Larry Ramsey
Rae, Dee Oroville
Ragan, Roberta Lynn Oroville
Ragas, Robert Ellis Ramsey
Ragland, John Alberto Oroville
Ramirez, Julian Jr Gridley
Ramirez, Zachary Oroville
Ramirez-Villasenor, Jose Gridley
Ramsey, Dorothy Oroville
Ramsey, Mary J Gridley
Ramsey, Nancy Y Gridley
Randolph, Daisie Oroville
Ransbarger, Leona Belle Ramsey
Raschdorf, Brian Oroville
Rash, Janice Ramsey
Rasmussen, Dolores Dee Gridley
Rasmussen, Richard James Ramsey
Ratliff, Phillip Ervin Ramsey
Rau, Rose A Oroville
Rawlin, Constance Oroville
Rawson, Gordon Oroville
Ray, Margaret Ellen Ramsey
Ray, Richard H Gridley
Reavis, Doris M Ramsey
Reddick, Edith Ida Ramsey
Redfern, Lawrence Pete Ramsey
Reece, Rusty Ramsey
Reece, Virginia Gridley
Reed, Ginny Oroville
Reed, Sandra Lee Ramsey
Reed, William Jr Ramsey
Reeder, Shirley Kay Ramsey
Rees, Roxie Gridley
Reeves, Louise F Ramsey
Regusci, Sharon Kay Ramsey
Reibestein, Michael Oroville
Reiselt, Nona Lee Ramsey
Remmers, Mildred Oroville
Renfrow, Kenneth Eugene Oroville
Reniff, Mary Elizabeth Ramsey
Reno, Lillian Mary Ramsey
Reuman, Scott C Ramsey
Revolinsky, Philip A Oroville
Reyes, Beatrice Oroville
Reynolds, Anthony Oroville
Reynolds, Ethel Elaine Ramsey
Reynolds, Ray E Ramsey
Reynolds, Sally Lorraine Ramsey
Rhinehart, Merlin Oroville
Rhoades, Wayne Orval Ramsey
Rhoads, Lydia Ramsey
Rhoads, Melvin Cowboy Ramsey
Rich, Robin L Ramsey
Richards, Barbara Gloria Oroville
Richards, Barbara G Oroville
Richards, Kenneth Oroville
Richardson, Elsie Gridley
Richardson, James A Ramsey
Richardson, Mary A Oroville
Richey, Gary Gridley
Richey, Virginia Ramsey
Richmond, Shirley A Oroville
Richter, Cristina Lynn Ramsey
Ricketts, Charmaine Ellen Ramsey
Ricketts, George Oroville
Ricketts, Michael Ramsey
Riddle, Clifton Jr Oroville
Ridimann, Robert James Oroville
Ries, June N Gridley
Riley, Flossie E Oroville
Riley, Harley Jackie Ramsey
Riley, John Oroville
Riley, Raymond E Gridley
Riley, Shirley Ann Ramsey
Rilling, Irene Mabel Ramsey
Rincon, Julia Oroville
Rindlisbacher, Captola Denise Oroville
Ripley, Ronald Oroville
Ritter, Steven Ramsey
Rittmiller, Rick Oroville
Rivera, John Ramsey
Roach, Judith E Oroville
Roark, Ronald L Ramsey
Robasciotti, Alan Eugene Oroville
Roberts, Brandy A Oroville
Roberts, David Eugene Ramsey
Roberts, Helen Ruth Ramsey
Roberts, Howard Franklin Ramsey
Roberts, Jimmie Wallace Ramsey
Roberts, Ray Gridley
Roberts, Ronald Jr Ramsey
Robertson, Angela Marie Oroville
Robertson, Fred Elbert Ramsey
Robertson, Harlin Calvin Ramsey
Robertson, John Sr Gridley
Robertson, Robert Gridley
Robilliard, Elena G Oroville
Robinson, Barbara Oroville
Robinson, Cynthia Lee Ramsey
Robinson, Nancy Dee Gridley
Robinson, Phillip Lee Oroville
Robles, Ernesto Gridley
Rocha, Anna Gridley
Rockstead, Linda Oroville
Rodoni, Eugene Lloyd Ramsey
Rodrigues, Lester Vernon Ramsey
Rodriguez, Arnulfo Esteban Ramsey
Rodriguez, Esteban Ramsey
Rodriguez, Teresa Gonzalez Gridley
Rodriguez, Uriel Gridley
Roe-Veltri, Olive L Oroville
Roesch, Albert Ramsey
Rogers, Bobbie Jeanette Oroville
Rogers, Gwendolyn Anne Ramsey
Rojas, Carlos Ramsey
Rolita, Billie J Oroville
Ronquillo, Savannah Rose Ramsey
Root, Margaret Kaye Ramsey
Roripaugh, Evelyn Adeline Ramsey
Rosauer, Patricia Oroville
Rose, Angelo Andy Ramsey
Rose, Ida Ramsey
Rose, Rickey Lynn Ramsey
Rose, Sherry Gridley
Rose, Vernon Ramsey
Rose, William Bart Ramsey
Rossi, Michael Ann Ramsey
Roth, Robert Reid Ramsey
Rowe, Robert Ramsey
Rowland, Kenneth Roy Ramsey
Rowton, Barbara I Gridley
Royer, Robert Lee Oroville
Rubio, Amparo Gridley
Ruble, Linda Priddy Oroville
Ruddock, Ray Oroville
Ruggirello, Paul Gridley
Ruiz, Timothy Oroville
Ruiz, Virginia Reyes Ramsey
Rummel, Thelda May Ramsey
Ruppert, Charles William Ramsey
Rush, Kerry Sr Ramsey
Russell, John Allen Oroville
Russell, Michael Lowell Oroville
Russell, Thomas Gridey
Ruvalcaba, Raul Sr Ramsey
Ryan, Hazel Darlene Ramsey
Ryan, John Michael Ramsey
Ryan, Lois Oroville


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S, Featherston M Oroville
Sabala, Betty Jean Ramsey
Sabatino, Cameron Vittorio Ramsey
Sabotka, Richard Alfred Ramsey
Saechao, Chiem F Oroville
Saechao, Maung V Oroville
Saechao, Mayfo Oroville
Saelee, Fou Oroville
Saelee, Maungon Oroville
Saetern, Sheng Wa Ramsey
Saevang, Mouang Fow Oroville
Saide, Richard M Oroville
Saldivia, Alfred Jr Ramsey
Sallee, Jeffrey Oroville
Salo, Larry George Ramsey
Sample, David Lee Ramsey
Sample, Etta Gridley
Samples, Robert Ramsey
Sanchez, Alicia Gridley
Sanchez, Javier Gridley
Sanders, BE Oroville
Sanders, Frank Jr Ramsey
Sanders, Marilyn Oroville
Sanders, Patricia Ramsey
Sandoval, Benjamin C Gridley
Sandoval, David Gridley
Sandoval, Eloy L Gridley
Sandoval, Irene Oroville
Sands, Fred A Oroville
Sandt, Sybil Van Oroville
Sannar, David D Ramsey
Sannar, Ray E Gridley
Sant, Tracy E Gridley
Santana-Chavez, Desiderio Gridley
Santiago, Maria Oroville
Sapp, Donald James Ramsey
Sasser, Gary W Oroville
Satur, Michelle G Gridley
Satur, Paul Gridley
Saum, Timothy II Ramsey
Savage, John L Oroville
Savage, Mary Lou Ramsey
Sawyer, Emaline Esther Ramsey
Sawyer, Jeffrey Ray Ramsey
Schenck, Maurice Ramsey
Schierenbeck, Frank L Oroville
Schlimme, Patricia Ramsey
Schlimme, William Oroville
Schmidt, Brandon Robert Ramsey
Schohr, Douglas B Gridley
Scholey, Janet Ramsey
Schrader, George Robert Ramsey
Schraut, Katherine Ramsey
Schroeder, Athelda T Oroville
Schroeder, Norman Clark Oroville
Schuck, Dale Lee Ramsey
Schultz, William Paul Oroville
Schurr, John Ramsey
Schurr, Vera Alice Ramsey
Schurr, Walter H Ramsey
Schuyler, Dorothy E Ramsey
Schwartz, Brenda Lynn Gridley
Schwartz, Mary H Gridley
Sciortino, Patricia Anne Oroville
Scott, Carol Gridley
Scott, Diane Theresa Ramsey
Seals, Alanna Ramsey
Sears, Boyd III Ramsey
Seavers, Lydia Perez Oroville
Sebastain, Jerry Malcolm Ramsey
Sedwick, Virginia Lindsey Ramsey
Seleska, Darlene Kathryn Oroville
Self, Ruth Naomi Oroville
Self, Ulysses C Gridley
Sellers, George William Ramsey
Sellers, Roben Oroville
Sells, Glenmore Deen Oroville
Serrano, Miguel Gridley
Severance, Jane Ellen Ramsey
Severance, MaryEllen Gridley
Sexton, Thomas Wade Ramsey
Shackleford, Neal Gridley
Shanholtz, William Oroville
Sharpe, Judith Marie Ramsey
Shattuck, June Victoria Ramsey
Shaul, Christopher A Gridley
Shaw, Aca Gridley
Shaw, Edward Oroville
Shaw, Rodger L Ramsey
Shaw, Theresa Ramsey
Sheats, Richard II Gridley
Shelton, Darryl S Gridley
Shelton, James W Oroville
Shelton, Joel Edward Ramsey
Shelton, Lea Ramsey
Shelton, Mae Belle Ramsey
Shelton, Raymond Gridley
Shepard, Marvin Oroville
Shepard, Robert Jr Ramsey
Shepherd, Corrine Ramsey
Sheppard, Viva R Gridley
Shepps, Juanita Oroville
Sherron, Edna Jean Ramsey
Sherwood, Jeffrey Oroville
Shettlesworth, Harold Leon Ramsey
Shields, Anna Marie Oroville
Shier, Allona Marie Ramsey
Shiflett, Douglas Yates Oroville
Shinkevich, Steven John Ramsey
Shipman, Leslie Joan Ramsey
Shoemaker, Fredis Lee Ramsey
Short, Fern Ramsey
Short, Ralph G Ramsey
Shortridge, Lela Oroville
Showalter, Mary Ann Ramsey
Shubert, Dale Oroville
Shumpert, Narvell Ramsey
Sigler, Adam Oroville
Silapan, Sylvia Oroville
Silva, Fred Anthony Oroville
Silva, Karl Jr Gridley
Silva, Laura Ramsey
Silvara, Melvin Watt Ramsey
Simmons, Beatrice D Gridley
Simmons, Margaret Evelyn Ramsey
Simmons, Rich Gridley
Simoni, Ana Ramsey
Simpson, Anastasia Jeanne Oroville
Simpson, Bob U Oroville
Simpson, Isabel Mary Ramsey
Simpson, Rebekah K Gridley
Sims, Julia Oroville
Sindicich, Linda Ann Ramsey
Sisk, Andrew Alvie Ramsey
Sisty, Pracilla May Gridley
Skeans, James Philip Ramsey
Skiles, Elsie Oroville
Skinner, John Carlton Oroville
Sladariu, Ion Ramsey
Slagle, Delmar L Gridley
Sletwick, Henry Jr Ramsey
Small, Benny Marion Ramsey
Small, Geneva Johnson Ramsey
Small, Maxine A Ramsey
Small, Robert Joseph Ramsey
Small, Wilma Lee Oroville
Small, Wilma L Oroville
Smalley, Merritt III Ramsey
Smallwood, Jimmy W Gridley
Smart, Constance Connie Oroville
Smart, Constance Oroville
Smart, JD Oroville
Smart, Lela Ramsey
Smith, Barbara Gridley
Smith, Barbara J Oroville
Smith, Bessie M Gridley
Smith, Betty Arlene Ramsey
Smith, Brandon Robert Ramsey
Smith, Cody Gridley
Smith, Cynthia M Gridley
Smith, Debbie J Gridley
Smith, Dennis Lee Ramsey
Smith, Dixie Oroville
Smith, Henry W Gridley
Smith, Irene M Gridley
Smith, Jack L Oroville
Smith, Jeffery Dean Ramsey
Smith, Jessie Jo Ramsey
Smith, Joan Ellen Oroville
Smith, John Arthur Ramsey
Smith, Jonna Therese Ramsey
Smith, Kennith Oroville
Smith, Linda Joyce Ramsey
Smith, Linda Joyce Ramsey
Smith, Max Oroville
Smith, Robert II Ramsey
Smith, Ronald Sr Ramsey
Smith, Rosemarie Agnes Oroville
Smith, Sharon Ramsey
Smith, Steven Wade Oroville
Smith, Vernon Jr Ramsey
Smith, Vikki Lee Oroville
Smith, William Bill Oroville
Smith-Vierra, Pauline Elizabeth Ramsey
Snyder, Louise Lorraine Ramsey
Soderlund, Elsie Mae Ramsey
Solansky, Linda Ramsey
Solansky, Shirley Ann Ramsey
Solis, Gilbert Gridley
Sosh, Albert J Oroville
Southerland, Garland Patrick Ramsey
Southers, Jack Erwin Ramsey
Spain, Joel C Oroville
Spalding, William Dean Ramsey
Spangle, Debra Lynn Ramsey
Sparling, Bessie Louise Ramsey
Sparling, Jerry Yates Ramsey
Spears, Jesse Laverne Ramsey
Spekat, Josephine Oroville
Sperry, Joyce Francine Ramsey
Spoor, Berkley L Ramsey
Spradlin, Charles Andrew Ramsey
Spradlin, Floyd Ramsey
Spradlin, Judith Lendra Ramsey
Spradlin, Rosemary Ramsey
Sprague, Albert Earl Ramsey
Sprague, Robert Lee Ramsey
Springer, Edith Oroville
Squires, LindaSue Oroville
SR, Donald Morrison Oroville
SR, Ralph Roberts Oroville
SR, Ronnie Knight Ramsey
Stack, Elizabeth Oroville
Stafforrd, Ronald Jr Ramsey
Stallings, Jeffrey Lawrence Oroville
Standley, Deborah Velora Ramsey
Stanfield, Jacqueline Ramsey
Stanfield, Phillip T Gridley
Stanton, Jerry Gridley
Staples, William Oroville
Starick, Alnita Mae Oroville
Starick, James Frank Oroville
Stark, Ellewise Ella Ramsey
Starr, Robert G Oroville
Stava, Carolyn Nelson Ramsey
Stava, Joseph Donald Ramsey
Stearns, Mildred Ramsey
Stephens, Ernest Ramsey
Stephens, Frances Marian Ramsey
Stephens, Mark Allen Ramsey
Stevenson, David James Ramsey
Steward, Timothy Keith Ramsey
Stewart, June Ledger Oroville
Stewart, Lona L Gridley
Stewart, Shaela Mae Gridley
Stickle, Ricky J Ramsey
Stiles, Melba Emma Oroville
Stillwell, Gilbert Ramsey
Stinson, Joan Oroville
Stogsdill, Jeffery R Oroville
Stogsdill, John Wesley Ramsey
Stogsdill, Patsy A Gridley
Stoker, Joyce Lorraine Ramsey
Stokes, Ryan Eugene Ramsey
Stone, Melvin Eugene Ramsey
Stone, William Jr Ramsey
Stopplemore, Gaylord Gridley
Storne, Wilma L Gridley
Stout, Cassondra Lee Ramsey
Stout, Wayne Cloyd Oroville
Stowell, Frank Jr Oroville
Stowell, Frank Jr Oroville
Stowell, Gerda Oroville
Strang, Rawland Bob Ramsey
Streshly, Dorothy Oroville
Strickland, John Samuel Oroville
Strickler, Mary Jenny Oroville
Strohlein, Eugene Conroy Ramsey
Stuart, Bonita Gridley
Stucky, Neil W Oroville
Sturgeon, Glen Thomas Ramsey
Suarez, Willie Gridley
Sullivan, Donald E Gridley
Sullivan, Donald Gridley
Sullivan, Doris Jean Ramsey
SullivanJr, Harold R Oroville
Summers, Kenneth Taylor Oroville
Summers, Wendell Wayland Ramsey
Summit, Rebecca Oroville
Sumner, Brianna Lee Oroville
Sumner, Carol Ramsey
Sutherland, James Joseph Ramsey
Sutherland, Norman S Ramsey
Sutherland, Patricia M Oroville
Sutherland, Scott Oroville
Suver, Margaret L Gridley
Svani, Richard Gridley
Svenson, Walter Axel Ramsey
Swanson, Shirley Ann Ramsey
Sweigart, Paul Ervin Ramsey
Swickard, Marjorie Helen Ramsey
Swigart, Leroy A Gridley
Sylva, Leslie Damon Ramsey


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Tabor, Victor Oroville
Tamagni, Julia Maria Ramsey
Tambini, Mark Louis Ramsey
Taylor, Barry Gene Ramsey
Taylor, Frederick Sr Oroville
Taylor, Gilbert Lyle Ramsey
Taylor, John Ramsey
Taylor, Opal Ramsey
Taylor, Robert Kay Ramsey
Taylor, Steven Wesley Ramsey
Taylor, Thomas Arnold Ramsey
Teague, Doris May Ramsey
Teal, Ronald Dean Ramsey
Teglovic, Caroline Oroville
Tejeda, Bernardino P Gridley
Tellez, Epifanio Gridley
Tennigkeit, Roberta Ramsey
Terrill, William Todd Oroville
Testerman, Daniel Oroville
Tetzlaff, Marian LouRada Ramsey
Teubert, Dixie Anne Ramsey
Tews, Bruce Frederick Ramsey
Thao, Chao Oroville
Thao, Jimmy Oroville
Thao, Mee Oroville
Thao, Neng Ma Oroville
Thao, Shoua Oroville
Thao, William Oroville
Thayer, Donald Dutch Gridley
Thayer, Richard Charles Oroville
Therkelson, Larry Ramsey
Therkelson, Margaret Bernice Oroville
Thomas, Bertha Ramsey
Thomas, Clarence E Gridley
Thomas, David Allen Ramsey
Thomas, Joan Loree Oroville
Thomas, Ronald Edward Oroville
Thomas, Zona May Ramsey
Thompson, Dale L Oroville
Thompson, David Wesley Ramsey
Thompson, Elaine Marguerite Ramsey
Thompson, Elizabeth Oroville
Thompson, Gerald Joy Ramsey
Thompson, Helen L Gridley
Thompson, Linda Oroville
Thompson, Rosemary Ramsey
Thorp, Douglas Wayne Oroville
Thurber, Gary Oroville
Tidwell, Vic J Ramsey
Tiedemann, Leroy Francis Ramsey
Tiedemann, Robert Joseph Ramsey
Tilden, Michael Ryan Ramsey
Tippets, Mary Dolores Ramsey
Tirapelli, Anthony Oroville
Todd, James C Oroville
Todhunter, Charles Henry Oroville
Tomlinson, Helen Ida Ramsey
Tomlinson, Michael Sr Ramsey
Tomlinson, Ray Robert Ramsey
Tovar, Bill Oroville
Townsend, Albert B Ramsey
Townsend, James F Ramsey
Townsend, LaVon Joyce Ramsey
Townsend, Leslie Ramsey
Townsend, Nancy A Ramsey
Trammell, Caroline Gridley
Trelford, Phillip Oroville
Trew, Guy Ramsey
Tringali, Nona Lavona Ramsey
Trio, Olson Ramsey
Tripicchipo, Frank Ramsey
Trost, Ronald Edward Ramsey
Troupe, Alton Douglas Oroville
Trystman, Robin Juliane Oroville
Tull, Penny Rae Gridley
Tull, William Gridley
Tupen, Mary J Gridley
Turnbull, Harvey T Gridley
Turner, Mary Gridley
Turney, Chris Lee Ramsey
Tuttle, Larry Dean Ramsey
Tweedle, Larry Oroville
Tweedt, Hannah Ramsey
Twitchel, Don Oliver Ramsey


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Uhl, Susan Kay Oroville
Ulrey, Catherine Stone Ramsey
Underwood, Janet Lee Ramsey
Underwood, Lafonda Carol Ramsey
Ungerman, Wanda Gridley
Upton, Ronda P Gridley
Urbanski, Linda Y Gridley
Uribe, Aurelio Oroville
Urroz, Ernest Elmer Ramsey


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Valdez, Betty Lou Oroville
Valentine, Charles Ramsey
Valentine, Jason Edward Oroville
Valenzuela, Frank James Gridley
Valine, Clarence William Oroville
Valine, Lucille Oroville
Valverde, Prima Gridley
Vang, Ger Oroville
Vang, Mang Oroville
Vang, Neng Chu Oroville
Vang, Va Cheng Oroville
Vang, Yong Oroville
VanGelder, Barbara Jean Ramsey
Vanman, Joyce Ramsey
Vann, Irene Bernice Ramsey
Vann, James H Oroville
VanNatta, Bernita Carol Ramsey
VanNatta, Floyd Jr Ramsey
VanNess, Thomas Jr Ramsey
Vanocker, Donald J Gridley
Vanpelt, Randy Oroville
VanZandt, Mary Molly Ramsey
Varciag, Nick Ramsey
Vargas, Micaela R Gridley
Varnell, Lynda Marie Ramsey
Varner, James Oroville
Vasquez, Michael G Oroville
Vaughan, Rose Ann Ramsey
Vedrine, William E Oroville
Veilleaux, Russell Jr Ramsey
Venegas, Ruben Jr Ramsey
Venson, Gay Jr Ramsey
Venson, Lola Oroville
Venson, Mary Pauline Ramsey
Ventura, Jesus Jr Ramsey
Vieira, Julia Gridley
Vieira, Richard J Gridley
Vierra, Esther Gridley
Vierra, Esther Gridley
Vierra, Hermine S Gridley
Vierra, Raymond Oroville
Vincent, Emma Jean Oroville
Vincent, Emma Jean Oroville
Volk, Robert Sr Ramsey
Vollendroff, William III Ramsey
Voorhees, Daniel Ramsey
Voss, Sheila Anne Ramsey
Voth, Claude Bud Gridley


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Wade, Clifford Stephen Ramsey
Wagner, Emmitt Edward Oroville
Walberg, Jordan James Ramsey
Walberg, Peggy C Ramsey
Walburn, Lola M Ramsey
Wales, Lois Ramsey
Wales, Richard B Ramsey
Walgenbach, June Gridley
Walker, Barry Sr Oroville
Walker, Mary Elizabeth Ramsey
Wall, Edna Henrietta Oroville
Wallace, Clara Marie Ramsey
Wallace, Darrell Wayne Ramsey
Wallace, JoAnn Ramsey
Wallace, Randall Ramsey
Waller, Bob Gridley
Waller, Vance Terry Ramsey
Walsh, Joyce Letty Oroville
Walsh, Opal Irene Oroville
Walters, Joann Ramsey
Walters, Robert Layne Oroville
Walton, Joy LaFaye Gridley
Warner, Gaye Nell Ramsey
Warner, Richard E Oroville
Warren, Susan Dee Oroville
Washam, James Glen Ramsey
Washe, Norbert Oroville
Washington, Michael Vincent Ramsey
Waters, Lois Eunice Ramsey
Waterworth, Iva Oroville
Watkins, Arnold Jr Oroville
Watkins, David Oroville
Watkins, James C Gridley
Watkins, Jason Alan Ramsey
Watkins, Thomas III Ramsey
Watson, Charles S Ramsey
Watson, Charles E Gridley
Watson, Dirk M Ramsey
Watson, Karen Gridley
Watson, Mark Stewart Ramsey
Watson, Roberta Catherine Oroville
Weaver, Bill Monroe Ramsey
Webb, Frances E Gridley
Webb, James Gridley
Webb, Shirley Ann Oroville
Webb, Warren Gridley
Webster, Joseph Ramsey
Weckman, Emmett Daniel Ramsey
Welch, Donna Sue Ramsey
Welch, Qui Oroville
Wellman, Morgan Oroville
Wells, Kenneth William Ramsey
Wendell, Philip F Ramsey
Weregland, Yvonne Dixson Ramsey
West, Dorothy Oroville
West, Martin Sr Ramsey
West, Martin Jr Oroville
West, Pauline Ramsey
Westcott, Norma Joan Oroville
Westerman, Ralph Gridley
Wetzel, Laura Casagrande Oroville
Weyers, Emma Ramsey
Whaler, Sharon Ann Ramsey
Whaley, Samuel Oroville
Whalin, Spencer Gridley
Wheat, Cletta Joan Ramsey
Wheeler, Charles Wayne Gridley
Wheeler, Janet Ramsey
Wheeler, Teresa Gridley
Wheeler, Thelma Gridley
Whetstone, Walter L Gridley
Whitaker, Evelyn Gridley
White, Arion Angel Ramsey
White, Dale David Ramsey
White, Elenor Oroville
White, Rosetta Oroville
White, Vergie Oroville
White, Willlie Sr Ramsey
Whiteman, Hal Carter Ramsey
Whitfield, Charles Oroville
Whitfield, Emmitt Jr Oroville
Whitinger, Floyd Douglas Ramsey
Whitmire, Danny Lee Ramsey
Whitmire, Florine Oroville
Whitney, Coralee Ramsey
Wike, Noel Jay Ramsey
Wikinson, Robyn Kay Ramsey
Wilber, Dorene Josephine Ramsey
Wilcoxson, Gary Gridley
Wildblood, Vernon James Ramsey
Wiles, Erna Ramsey
Wiley, Donald Gridley
Wiley, Jo Ann Gridley
Wilkerson, Mary Cathryn Ramsey
Wilkes, Wilma Dean Ramsey
Wilkey, Everett Ramsey
Wilkey, Everett Ramsey
Wilkin, Robert Lee Ramsey
Wilkins, Melton Gridley
Willhoite, Rufeth Jr Ramsey
Williams, Amelia Emily Oroville
Williams, Carol Gray Ramsey
Williams, Cecilia Ann Oroville
Williams, Douglas Jr Gridley
Williams, Evelyn Phillips Oroville
Williams, Judeen Kay Ramsey
Williams, Nora L Ramsey
Williams, Roy Oroville
Williams, Wayne Gridley
Williams, William Graham Oroville
Williams, William Leigh Ramsey
Williford, Walton Wally Ramsey
Willis, Ruby E Oroville
Willis, Thomas Edward Oroville
Wilsey, Marvin Charles Oroville
Wilson, Billy Joe Ramsey
Wilson, Charles Ramsey
Wilson, Eric R Oroville
Wilson, Floyd Milton Oroville
Wilson, Fredrick Wallace Ramsey
Wilson, Janet Oroville
Wilson, Joanie Gridley
Wilson, Matthew Thomas Ramsey
Wilson, Robert Ray Oroville
Wilson, Trenton Gridley
Wilson, Wayne Leroy Oroville
Wimer, Betty Oroville
Winder, Frederick William Ramsey
Windle, Billy Wayne Oroville
Wines, Lucille H Oroville
Wing, Grover Orval Oroville
Wing, Imogene Wilma Oroville
Winn, Robert Oroville
Winnie, Norman Philip Gridley
Winters, Jack W Gridley
Wirick, Marguerite Gridley
Witcher, Shirley Ginger Ramsey
Woinoski, Robert Oran Ramsey
Wolfe, Dennis J Ramsey
Wolfe, Hazel C Gridley
Wolfersberger, Robert Lee Oroville
Womack, Raymond E Gridley
Wood, Angelita Villagrana Ramsey
Wood, Dorene Oroville
Wood, Emma Ramsey
Wood, Eugene Wayne Ramsey
Wood, Eva Ellen Ramsey
Wood, Linda Oroville
Woodside, Nancy Louise Ramsey
Woodson, Sandra Ann Ramsey
Woodward, Robert Abraham Ramsey
Woodward, Wanda Mae Ramsey
Worley, Linda Kay Oroville
Wright, Dorothy Julia Oroville
Wright, Edward Sr Oroville
Wright, Eldon James Oroville
Wright, Georgia Marie Oroville
Wright, James T Ramsey
Wright, Marlene Sue Ramsey
Wright, Norman E Gridley
Wright, Richard Dick Ramsey
Wright, Shelby Lyn Gridley
Wussler, Elmer Oroville
Wyatt, Alan Scott Oroville
Wyman, Donald Ramsey
Wyman, Larry Edward Oroville
Wyman, Pauline Ramsey


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Xiong, Cher Yang Oroville
Xiong, Naokou Ramsey
Xiong, Va Oroville
Xiong, Yia Oroville
Xiong, Za Oroville


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Yancy, Gus Oroville
Yandell, Martin Raymond Ramsey
Yang, Mor Oroville
Yang, Ka Oroville
Yang, Lee Oroville
Yang, Mee Oroville
Yang, Nenglor Oroville
Yang, Tue Oroville
Yang, Valentina Oroville
Yang, Youa Oroville
Yates, Waldo K Oroville
Yeager, Richard Edward Ramsey
Yeager, Richard Jr Gridley
Yocum, Isabelle Desiree Ramsey
Yonts, Billy Jack Ramsey
Yost, Esther Fern Ramsey
Young, Edna M Oroville
Young, George Lambert Ramsey
Young, Marjorie Oroville
Young, Mary A Gridley
Young, Richard Lee Ramsey
Young, Willie Oroville
Youngman, Mary Ramsey


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Zabel, James Andrew Ramsey
Zacherson, Owen J Oroville
Zampa, Cathryn Hull Oroville
Zamudio, Carmen R Gridley
Zaveson, Alice Jean Gridley
Zepponi, Jerry Geronzo Ramsey
Zirkle, Ruby Dean Oroville
Zook, Edward Gridley
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